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The need for reliable energy sources is generally acknowledged, but not everyone agrees which types of power are the best or where generation facilities should be located. Lawyers can help local governments and community members who want their opinions to matter during energy-project development.
By Alex R. Ackerman & Samuel Jack
The Wisconsin Supreme Court finds most compelling constitutional arguments that consider constitutional text and historical evidence informing how that text was understood when it was adopted. Here is a four-step process for crafting persuasive arguments when advancing claims rooted in the Wisconsin Constitution.
By Caleb Raymond Gerbitz
Lawyers who handle worker's compensation or personal injury matters should periodically review their settlement procedures, including settlement content, to ensure compliance with Medicare reimbursement policies.
By Aaron Frederickson

Opinions, Voices & Ideas

  • President's Message
  • Public Attorney Staffing Shortages Continue
  • Margaret Hickey says State Bar members can help the state's criminal justice system by encouraging elected officials to increase funding for district attorney and public defender positions.
  • 101
  • When a Professional Needs a Professional
  • Representing clients who are members of professions demands the same levels of competence and civility any client expects and deserves. But, Stacie Rosenzweig says, lawyers should keep additional things in mind for clients whose jobs are licensed or regulated.
  • Managing Risk
  • Legal Malpractice Concerns for Appellate Lawyers
  • Matt Beier explores the elements of a legal malpractice action and identifies some common mistakes that may be avoided through best practices when representing clients in appeals.
  • Technology
  • Dark Web Monitoring for Law Firms – Is It Worthwhile?
  • Sharon Nelson, John Simek, and Michael Maschke explain the dark web – what it is, how it is used and by whom, and how to access it. Many lawyers are curious about the dark web and what evidence may be available there for their cases. But the authors' recommendation to attorneys is clear: Don't access it.
  • Final Thought
  • From Charm School to Law School
  • Katja Kunzke says the lessons she learned in law school about who she could be were the perfect antidote to the lessons learned in charm school about who she did not want to be.

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