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Privacy Statement

Privacy Statement

The State Bar of Wisconsin has created this statement to demonstrate our commitment to the privacy of our users. To further our commitment to privacy and enhance our compliance with the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and privacy options using the Transparency & Consent Framework (TCF 2.2), we have integrated Cookiebot, a cookie consent management platform. It discloses information gathering and dissemination practices for and, the State Bar of Wisconsin's official Internet sites. The State Bar of Wisconsin may change, add to, or remove all or any portion of this policy at any time, and we will post our current policy so that you will always have our current policy available to you.

Members and Registered Users

Members and registered users are responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of their password. The State Bar of Wisconsin will not intentionally share a member or registered user's password with any third party. Members and registered users are responsible for keeping that email address secure and up to date. Registered users and members agree to notify Customer Service of any known or suspected unauthorized use(s) of the user's ID, or any known or suspected breach of security, including loss, theft, or unauthorized disclosure of the user's password.

Use of Domain Names/IP Addresses

We use your domain address (i.e.,, or to help diagnose problems with our server, and to administer various features of our site. Your IP address is also used to gather broad demographic information such as the name of your Internet service provider and its geographic location.

Use of "Cookies"

Like most modern websites, we use cookies for site personalization and marketing (by allowing us to recommend products that may be of interest to you). The use of cookies allows members to personalize their WisBar home page. We encourage members to enable cookies so that they can get the most value out of personalization and shortcut options.

Most browsers automatically accept cookies by default, but you can usually refuse cookies or selectively accept certain cookies by adjusting the preferences in your browser. With the introduction of Cookiebot, our website offers users a more transparent and controlled way to manage their cookie preferences. Cookiebot facilitates explicit user consent for cookies, categorizing them for easier understanding and choice, thus ensuring our compliance with GDPR. You can review and revise your cookie and ad privacy settings after your initial acceptance/setup by clicking on the lock symbol at the bottom right corner of the webpage when you are on a State Bar of Wisconsin managed website. If you opt to turn off cookies, there may be some features of our site that will not be available to you and some Web pages may not display properly.

Cookies do not pose a threat to your computer, your Web browser, or software installed on your system. They do not contain viruses, and the information provided is not used beyond the general administration of the website or ad management software.

What is a cookie?

A "cookie" is a small data file transferred by a website to your computer's memory or hard drive. The State Bar of Wisconsin sends cookies when you visit our site, make purchases, request, or personalize information, or register yourself for certain services. Accepting the cookies used on our site does not give us access to your personal information, but we may use the cookies to identify you or your computer. Cookies are typically classified as either "session" cookies or "permanent" cookies.

Session cookies

"Session" cookies do not stay on your computer after you leave our website or close your browser. Temporary cookies serve to identify the user during each individual visit to the site ("session") and are temporarily stored in the user's browser throughout the course of each individual session. They are used to facilitate shopping, personalization, and registration services. For example, cookies can keep track of what you have selected to purchase as you continue to shop or allow you to enter your password only once on Web pages where a login is required.

Permanent cookies

"Permanent" or "Persistent" cookies are those that remain on your computer. These cookies are used for granting access to secured content, internal web reporting, and statistics. We do not and will not use cookies to retrieve data from your hard drive or to obtain your email address or other personal information beyond confirming your identity for content access purposes. The aggregate information collected permits us to analyze traffic patterns on our site. This can enable us over time to provide a better experience on our site by improving content or personalization and making our site easier to use. We also use cookies to help our ad management software display random advertisements throughout the site. "Permanent" cookies can be manually removed by the user.

Third party cookies

Third party cookies are cookies that are set on a site that can be read by another site. Commonly third-party cookies are used to create an anonymous profile for partnerships, usage tracking, and on-line advertising. Our website may feature content from social media platforms, embedded videos, or other third-party applications, each of which may deploy cookies. Currently, the State Bar of Wisconsin website uses third party cookies to allow our members to take advantage of partnership programs. These parties include but are not limited to: AddThis, Adobe, Congressweb, Cookiebot, Fastcase, Google, Klaviyo, Lexology, LinkedIn,, Meta, Spotify, Twitter/X Corp.,, YouTube. If you are concerned about privacy, refer to your browser's help documentation on how to disable them.

Information gathered through the use of cookies is not sold or provided to vendors, direct mail concerns, email list services, etc. These cookies are subject to the respective privacy policies of the third parties involved.

Third Party Service Providers and Cookiebot Integration

To facilitate the provision of services offered through our site, the State Bar of Wisconsin may share required elements of your Personal Information with selected third-party service providers. These providers are obligated to utilize your Personal Information solely for delivering the services commissioned by the State Bar of Wisconsin. Your ability to modify or revoke these data sharing permissions is facilitated through Cookiebot's consent management features. Specifically, when you adjust your cookie preferences via Cookiebot, we may share certain essential data with these providers to ensure your choices are implemented. This shared data is confined strictly to what is necessary for Cookiebot's functionality and adheres to our rigorous privacy standards.

Links to Other Sites

We may have links on our site to other sites that we do not operate. If you click on a third-party link, you will be taken directly to that site which is governed by its own privacy notice and consent. You should be mindful of the privacy settings and notices of those sites to ensure they understand how your data may be used by them. We strongly encourage you to read their privacy notice.

The State Bar of Wisconsin cannot control the use of cookies by sites linked to or from WisBar or to vendors' sites that have purchased online advertisements. WisBar is not responsible for the privacy practices or the content of such sites.


GDPR Compliance Statement

We are committed to ensuring the privacy and protection of our users' data in compliance with the GDPR and TCF 2.2. Through the implementation of Cookiebot, we have strengthened our ability to offer our users clear choices about their data and the cookies placed during their visit to our sites. For more information on your rights under GDPR, please visit For information on your rights under TCF 2.2, please visit

How will your profile information be used?

For members

The Wisconsin Supreme Court requires the State Bar of Wisconsin to maintain the membership register for the enrollment of lawyers within the State of Wisconsin. Supreme Court Rules and State Bar bylaws state that each member record will contain the member's address, social security number, date of registration, class of original membership and each subsequent change of membership status, and additional information as required by the Board of Governors or the courts. Information in the register (name, office address and telephone number, member ID number, law school name and graduation year, and license status) is published in the member's profile on the State Bar website ( This publicly available information on State Bar members is shared with the Wisconsin courts and is available to the public through the Lawyer Search function on WisBar.

If you are a member of the State Bar of Wisconsin, your email address is published online in WisBar Lawyer Search and in print in the Wisconsin Lawyer Directory. To change this information or to request that it not be published, contact Customer Service.

The State Bar annually provides to each Wisconsin local bar association, without charge, a list of attorneys in the geographic area covered by the association. The list includes publicly available information and each attorney's email address if one exists in our records.

The State Bar also makes available for purchase mailing lists and labels to assist with marketing products and services that relate to the professional or community interests of State Bar members. These contact lists do not include email addresses.

Confidential Member Information Fields

If you are a member of the State Bar of Wisconsin, much of the information in your profile comes from your State Bar record. However, fields marked as confidential are either required by the courts or State Bar bylaws, and are not displayed on your public profile, and are viewable only by you to update your information as needed. Your social security number is not available to be changed online. Your confidential information is not sold or provided to vendors, direct mailers, email list services, etc. The following confidential fields denoted in red type on the profile form are confidential fields:

  • Home telephone number
  • Home county
  • Ethnicity
  • Date of birth
  • Place of birth
  • Demographics section (this section includes user-supplied diversity information)

The information contained in these confidential fields will not be released to anyone other than the member or registered user. The exception would be a member's social security number which may be released to the Supreme Court or as directed by the Court.​

For Members and other customers

When conducting financial transactions, the State Bar asks customers to provide contact information (i.e., email address, phone number), unique identifiers (i.e., State Bar membership number, password), and/or financial information (i.e., credit card number). Customer information is used to process and send order(s), bill credit cards, and to contact the customer when necessary.

Information supplied via online order forms and registration forms is used only by the State Bar of Wisconsin. It is not sold or provided to vendors, direct mail concerns, email list services, etc.

Online Order and Registration Forms Security

Registration and order forms on WisBar operate in an environment using Transport Layer Security (the modern version of SSL encryption technology). We ask users to provide contact information (i.e., address, email address, phone number), unique identifiers (i.e., State Bar membership number), and/or financial information (i.e., credit card number). Customer information is used to: process and send order(s); bill credit cards; and to contact the customer when necessary. Unique identifiers (i.e., State Bar membership number) are collected for use as account numbers in our record system. The State Bar of Wisconsin does not store credit card numbers or any card data in its systems.

Information supplied via online order forms and registration forms is used only by the State Bar of Wisconsin. It is not sold or provided to vendors, direct mail concerns, email list services, etc.

Online Surveys

From time to time, we conduct online surveys, which ask visitors for voluntary information on various topics of interest to the State Bar of Wisconsin. Information supplied for online surveys is used only by the State Bar of Wisconsin. It is not sold or provided to vendors, direct mail concerns, email list services, etc.

Electronic Mailing Lists, "E-Lists"

Throughout our site, members are given the opportunity to freely subscribe to electronic mailing lists, which are subscription-based groups that send email on certain content/topics to your email account. The identity of subscribers and their corresponding email addresses are not sold or provided to outside vendors, advertisers, direct mailers other email list services, etc.

To unsubscribe to any email list, send an email to Customer Service asking to unsubscribe. Be sure to mention the name of the list.


In the event that customer information is used to direct State Bar advertisements and announcements to customers, registrants, and online survey participants, the State Bar provides our users with the opportunity to opt-out of receiving similar future communications from us. Contact State Bar Customer Service at (800) 728-7788 or for more information.

Credit Card Security

The State Bar of Wisconsin recognizes the importance of protecting the information collected from Users in the operation of this website and in the taking of your online orders. Because your credit card security is a high priority, we have taken reasonable steps to maintain the integrity and privacy of your information to ensure that your payment information is processed confidentially, accurately, and securely. The State Bar of Wisconsin uses Transport Layer Security (the modern version of SSL encryption technology), an encryption technology that protects your credit card information. This technology encrypts all ordering information (name, address, and credit card number) so no one can read it as it travels over the Internet. The State Bar of Wisconsin does not store credit card numbers or any card data in its systems.


This site gives users the option to email Customer Service and request to limit future communications.​

Contacting the Website

If you have any questions about this privacy statement, the practices of this site, your dealings with this website, our use of cookies, GDPR compliance, or how to exercise your rights under GDPR please contact Customer Service at (800) 728-7788 or

Effective Date: February 21, 2024