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WisLawNOW: A Community of Wisconsin Legal Bloggers

​​WisLawNOW is a community of Wisconsin legal bloggers established by the State Bar of Wisconsin in partnership with LexBlog, a worldwide legal blogging network. Through this syndicated network, Wisconsin legal bloggers reach a wider audience and build their reputations in their areas of practice, while helping expand understanding of the law, all in one place.

In essence, WisLawNOW allows Wisconsin legal bloggers to amplify the blogs they are already writing and creates a community of legal bloggers. Readers gain more insight on what’s happening in Wisconsin’s legal world, from lawyers who are practicing in the trenches and following the legal issues in real-time.


How Does it Work?

Readers can read all blog posts on WisLawNOW, which includes profile pages for the author, firm, and blog. Blogs are categorized and archived by channel so readers can navigate to legal blogs in specific practice areas or by specific topics.

Once a blogger joins WisLawNOW, their posts feed directly into the network via RSS feed. Posts are aggregated into the online platform and displayed alongside other participating blogs.

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Why Should I Join?

Many Wisconsin lawyers are already blogging – publishing about legal developments and providing analysis – on their own publishing platforms. WisLawNOW allows those bloggers to amplify their content.

By aggregating legal blogs together on a single platform, WisLawNOW creates a network for Wisconsin law bloggers to showcase and leverage their content and their legal expertise.

If you are a State Bar of Wisconsin member and you publish a legal blog, you can join to have your blog reposted in WisLawNOW, so long as it meets some basic criteria for inclusion. In addition, your blog may be included in a WisLawNOW digest that will be emailed periodically to all State Bar of Wisconsin members who choose to receive it.

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