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Help for Legal Professionals & Law Students


Life is hard. Everyone needs help now and then, even lawyers, judges and law students who are trained to never show weakness.

Legal professionals are human and deal with human issues, ranging from stress and anxiety to depression and addictions. WisLAP can help provide assistance and a listening ear for legal professionals and their families.

WisLAP Contact Information:

24-hour helpline: (800) 543-2625
WisLAP Manager org mspranger wisbar Mary Spranger (800) 444-9404 ext. 6159

We do not provide legal advice or give lawyer referrals. Click here if you are seeking legal advice or you need to find a lawyer.


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Who We Are

The Wisconsin Lawyers Assistance Program (WisLAP) provides confidential assistance to help lawyers, judges, law students, and their families cope with problems related to the stress of practicing law.

We're Here to Help

WisLAP is based upon the premise of Lawyers Helping Lawyers and Judges Helping Judges. We have more than 150 trained volunteer lawyers and judges, who understand the experiences and challenges legal professionals and their families face. 

Alcoholism, substance abuse, addictive behavior, and psychological problems are treatable conditions rather than moral issues. The only stigma attached to these conditions is an individual's failure to seek help.

How We Help

WisLAP offers the following services:

  • Initial evaluation
  • Referrals
  • Peer assistance
  • Consultation
  • Education, including Continuing Legal Education (CLE) programs
  • Outreach
  • Intervention

Confidential Support 24/7 - Call WisLAP Hotline at (800) 543-2625

WisLAP treats each request for help with the same confidentiality as a lawyer-client relationship. WisLAP is exempt from reporting professional misconduct to the Office of Lawyer Regulation (OLR) under Wisconsin Supreme Court Rule 20:8.3(c)(2) and to the Judicial Commission under Wisconsin Supreme Court Rule 60.04(3). WisLAP does not require callers to disclose their identity and does not keep any case records.​

Support Groups

For groups in Wisconsin, visit the State Bar's Support Groups page.​