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The State Bar of Wisconsin ensures that Wisconsin attorneys meet and maintain the highest standards of competency, technical skill and ethical conduct. It also strives to ensure Wisconsin citizens have equal access to legal services of the highest quality, and to a system that affords prompt and fair resolution.

The State Bar of Wisconsin is ​governed by a 53​​-member Board of Governors, which is primarily made up of attorneys elected by State Bar members. The board includes the association’s five officers and the immediate past president. The board oversees the policy making and operation of the organization. The Executive Committee, which is led by the officers and key representatives from the board and the State Bar's divisions, is authorized to make decisions and perform the duties of the board between meetings.

The State Bar of Wisconsin staff leadership works to accomplish the goals set by the board, while managing the daily operations of the statewide organization.

Board of Governors 2023-2024 - a large group of people smiling at the camera in an outdoor setting  

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2023-24 State Bar of Wisconsin Board of Governors

Pictured: President Dean R. Dietrich, President-elect Jane E. Bucher, Past President Margaret Wrenn Hickey, Secretary Anna F. C. Munoz, Treasurer Deanne M. Koll, Chairperson of the Board Joseph M. Cardamone III, Meighan M. Anger, Diane M. Ballweg, Karen M. Bauer, Ryan M. Billings, Daniel J. Blinka, Elisabeth T. Bridge, Randal J. Brotherhood, Kathryn M. Bullon, Monica L. Cail, Jose M. Castro, Alexandra K. Evans, Luis A. Garza, Jourdan D. Glenn, Courtney L. Graff, Erik R. Guenther, Robert B. Held Vander Wyst, Kai Hovden, Haley J. Johnson, Jennifer L. Johnson, Russell J. Karnes, Lisa M. Lawless, Shari Le Page Locante, Rachel E. Maes, Randall L. Nash, Kene O. Okocha, Felicia L. Owen, Christine M. Procknow, Patrick M. Puyleart, Dennis M. Puzz, Mathias M. Rekowski, Shanna M. Sanders, Stephen W. Sawyer, Mary L. Schanning, Tatiana Tamae Soares Shirasaki, Jessica J. Shrestha, Jessica E. Slavin, Elizabeth M. Stinebaugh, Julie F. Stodolka, AnnMarie M. Sylla, Jennifer M. Thomas, Annabelle M. Vang, Lawrence J. Wiesneske, Melodie M. Wiseman, Michael Seung-Hyock Yang, Nicholas C. Zales, and State Bar Executive Director Larry Martin.

Not Pictured: Gregory J. Banchy, Selena B. Bravo, Elizabeth A. Fernandez, Martina Rae Gast, Alison E. Helland, Latrice M. Knighton​, Mitch​.

State Bar of Wisconsin Diversity and Inclusion Statement

The term "diversity" has a dynamic meaning that evolves as the demographics in the state change. It is an inclusive concept that encompasses, among other things, race, ethnicity, national origin, religion, gender, gender identity, age, sexual orientation, and disability. Inclusion helps to create a culture that embraces people from the widest range of talent and experience and promotes understanding and respect for all people and different points of view in the legal profession.