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How to Donate

​​​Our Mission

The Wisconsin Law Foundation is a charitable and educational organization that serves to promote public understanding of the law, improvement of the administration of justice and other law-related public service through funding of innovative and creative programs that improve the vision of the American justice system.

Thanks to the generous support of Wisconsin and non-resident member attorneys, as well as support through pledges from the Fellows of the Wisconsin Law Foundation, we are able to fund innovative and creative law-related programs that improve the vision of the American justice system.​

Your generosity furthers our mission and strengthens impactful programs across our great state.

We Offer Multiple Options for Giving


Five Easy Ways to Make a One Time Donation

  • ​Online:
  • Mail a check: Wisconsin Law Foundation, 5302 Eastpark Blvd., Madison, WI 53718-7158 (If possible, please print and include a completed donation form along ​with your check)​
  • On your annual membership form/dues statement (Line 9)
  • Check the box on your State Bar mileage reimbursement form
  • Designate a donation via your State Bar Author/Speaker reimbursement

“Seventy thousand people who are summoned for jury duty each year will benefit from your support.”

Professor David E. Schultz
University of Wisconsin Law School
2019 Gordon Sinykin Award of Excellence

Annual Donation

Your annual support provides a dependable source of unrestricted gifts which can be applied to the areas of greatest need. There are a variety of ways to make an annual donation:

  • On Your Dues Statement: It's as easy as filling out line 9 of your State Bar dues statement. If a colleague fills out your form on your behalf, just let them know you wish to make a contribution to the Wisconsin Law Foundation.
  • Spring and Fall Impact Newsletters: Twice a year, Impact is mailed to all State Bar members, as well as donors who’ve contributed in the past three years. Use the supplied donation return envelope to mail in your contribution.
  • Year End Gift: In December, we send an end-of-year reminder letter to members who would like to support the Foundation through their personal philanthropic end-of-year giving.

Memorial and Tribute Gifts

Celebrate a life and honor someone special with a Memorial or Tribute Gift to the Foundation. Memorial and Tribute Gifts are acknowledged in the Impact Newsletter twice a ye​ar.

  • In lieu of flowers, a Memorial Gift is a compassionate way to celebrate the memory of a deceased colleague, friend, or loved one.
  • A Tribute Gift is a perfect way to honor a living person for a special accomplishment or to thank someone for a job well done.

Fellows Pledges

The Fellows - Wisconsin Law Foundation

The Fellows of the Wisconsin Law Foundation constitute the backbone of our charitable contributions. After fulfilling their pledge agreement, Fellows are encouraged to continue​ supporting the Foundation as part of their personal philanthropic giving.​​​​ Fellows can now make online pledge payments​ if they wish. 

Friends of the Foundation​​

Members of the public and attorneys who are not members of the State Bar of Wisconsin, can become Friends of the Foundation by using our Marketplace​ to make a donation to the Primary Fund or one of the other Designated Funds.​​​​

Designated Funds

Every gift and contribution goes into one of four designated funds, which were established to support the work of the Foundation. Grants, scholarships, and awards, as well as operational costs, are directly supported through one of these funds.

When making any type of contribution, you’re welcome to specify a designated fund for your gift, including:

  • The Primary Fund: supports t​he broad work and operational needs of the Foundation. Through grants, scholarships and awards, this fund works to transform state residents’ lives by funding charitable and educational programs that promote citizen comprehension of the law, improve the administration of justice, and provide law-related public service. In addition, the fund awards grants to new lawyers working with underserved populations; conference scholarships to Leadership Summit and Leadership Academy participants; and supports a program honoring Wisconsin judicial leaders.
  • Fund to Enhance & Promote Diversity: supports the State Bar’s ongoing diversity and inclusion initiatives, both within the State Bar and the broader legal profession. The Fund supports the State Bar’s Diversity Clerkship program, provides scholarships and grants to conferences, and underwrites the cost of speakers and programming focused on diversity-related issues and voices.
  • G. Lane Ware Fund for Leadership Development: supports programming that identifies, develops, and mentors the next generation of leaders in the legal profession, the State Bar and the broader community. The Fund has helped to underwrite both the G. Lane Ware Leadership Academy, as well as support the Leadership Development Summit.
  • State Mock Trial Fund: provides substantial, ongoing support for Wisconsin’s High School Mock Trial Tournament with over 130 schools and 1,300 students who compete in it annually across the Badger State.

Planned Giving

Anyone can bequeath funds to the Foundation in the following ways:

  • Estate: Name the Foundation in you​r will or estate plan.
  • Personal Trust: Name the Foundation as a beneficiary in your personal trust. Whether you have a charitable remainder trust or other trust arrangement, you can name the Foundation to receive a portion of your estate and gain estate tax benefits.
  • Insurance Policy: Designate the Foundation as beneficiary of an insurance policy.

The Heritage Society

Launched in the fall of 2003, the Heritage Society of the Wisconsin Law Foundation was established to honor those who remember the Foundation in their will or estate plan. The Foundation strives to honor as many of these generous, future-minded donors as possible during their lifetime.

The Foundation often receives gifts like this af​ter a donor’s death. If you have already included the Foundation in your estate planning, please contact us (or use our convenient online form, or print our form and mail it to us to notify us) so that we can express our gratitude and invite you to officially join the Heritage Society.

How to Join the Heritage Society

By joining the Heritage Society, you can enjoy special recognition and serve as a role model for others who are considering planned gifts that will permanently benefit the Foundation. (Of course, if you would rather remain anonymous, your wishes will be honored.)

When indicating support for the Foundation in an estate planning document, donors should use the organization’s full name — i.e., “Wisconsin Law Foundation” — to ensure their gift is properly distributed and recognized. A variety of giving vehicles can be used to qualify a donor for membership in the Heritage Society, including: wills, trust arrangements, insurance policies and others. Donors can indicate in their estate planning documents whether they want to make an unrestricted gift to the Foundation, restrict their gift to a particular designated fund, or indicate that their gift should be used in perpetuity to benefit the Foundation.

As a 501(c)3 organization, the Wisconsin Law Foundation could significantly benefit your tax situation if included in your will or estate plan. If you need additional information on remembering the Wisconsin Law Foundation in your will or estate plan, or would like to join the Heritage Society, please contact us. We appreciate your generosity and welcome the opportunity to personally thank you.