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Free Practice Consultations

Rest easy – Practice411 is here!

Help is as close as your phone or computer, thanks to Practice411™ – the State Bar of Wisconsin’s Law Office Management Assistance Program.

Don’t be alarmed – get answers

Through phone conversations, email, web conferences, or face-to-face meetings at the Bar center, you can consult with Practice411 on specific problems, systems, procedures, and general "preventive maintenance." With the wide range of services available, Practice411 is versatile enough to meet your individual needs, providing you with personalized assistance.

Never fall asleep at the wheel with Practice411

Whether you’re in the early stages of setting up your law office, already managing one, or preparing to exit your practice – Practice411 can help you improve your practice.


Call: (800) 957-4670​

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Here are just a few of the ways Practice411 can help you:

Computer hardware and office equipment selection

Get reviews, advice, and help on deciding what type of equipment is right for you – and if improving what you have can save you money.

Emerging software

Let us help you sort through the options, whether it's timekeeping, billing, calendaring or practice management. Don't waste time on a poor purchase; get advice from your colleagues through the Practice411 e-list, the Law Practice Assistance Manager, or our handy web resources.

Client relations

Deliver service that keeps clients coming back and referring others to you. Learn how to implement systems to ensure you’re communicating with your clients regularly and to keep them​ informed.

Personnel matters

Gain insights on hiring and training staff, along with employment policies and procedures.

Networking with other practitioners

Connect with colleagues through e-lists, the Annual Wisconsin Solo and Small Firm Conference, the ABA TECHSHOW, and many other events and affiliations.

Marketing  your practice

Worried about increasing your client base? Find out about internet marketing and other cost effective ways to market your services.

Semi​nars and CLE

Practice411 offers CLE credits at various locations around the State. Learn valuable strategies on all aspects of practice management.