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Pay for district attorneys and public defenders is too low to attract and keep enough lawyers. And effects of the COVID-19 pandemic linger: Caseloads are up, but the number of prosecutors is down. The funding crunch affects the state Department of Justice and the entire state court system. This article explains the funding issues.
By Jeff M. Brown
Acts passed during the Wisconsin Legislature's 2021-22 session are designed to make family law proceedings, particularly divorces and legal separations and related postjudgment actions, easier for litigants, lawyers, and court staff. Here's what you need to know.
By Comm. Mark R. Fremgen, Jolene D. Schneider & Paul William Stenzel
Lawyers advising businesses in search of seed money from "small" investors (individuals and entities with relatively low amounts at their disposal) must be aware of federal and Wisconsin laws regarding crowdfunding.
By Jeffrey O'Brien

Opinions, Voices & Ideas

  • President's Message
  • Laws Matter, and So Do Lawyers
  • Margaret Hickey says that regardless of position, experience, or income, lawyers make a difference for individual clients and cases and the systems in which they work. As such, it is important that lawyers tend to their well-being.
  • Your State Bar
  • My Lunches with Tony
  • Larry Martin shares lessons learned from Gov. Tony Earl about politics, life, friendship, and the value of reaching across the aisle to work for the common good.
  • Profile
  • Derek Mosley: Connecting Cultures and Community
  • As a community leader and judge, Derek Mosley has made headlines with his good work in the community, his social media presence, and his upbeat spirit. Joe Forward writes about one Wisconsin lawyer who isn’t slowing down.
  • Practice Management
  • Goals Are Guides, Not Cudgels
  • Erin Ogden says the best (most likely to be reached) resolutions come from within and are based on a person's own self.
  • On Balance
  • An Open (Love) Letter to Wisconsin Lawyers
  • Failing to address the intersectionality of DEI and well-being has serious consequences. Julie Bonasso says there are things individuals can do to examine their own thoughts, feelings, and behaviors on these topics.
  • Blogs of the Month
  • Featured Blogs of the Month
  • Blogs selected for this column are published through the State Bar of Wisconsin's section blogs and WisLawNOW, the State Bar's aggregated community of Wisconsin legal bloggers.
  • Final Thought
  • We Knew This Day Was Coming
  • Bob Barrington says when the Dodge County DA's office lost attorneys to retirements and positions with greater pay, that left only the elected DA to do the work of six attorneys. He warns that adequate funding must be provided before the justice system implodes.

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