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I Have a Dispute with My Lawyer


The State Bar of Wisconsin provides services for resolving billing disputes between clients and their attorneys. The State Bar also administers the Wisconsin Lawyers' Fund for Client Protection, which protects clients whose attorneys have violated their fiduciary duty to the public.

The Fee Arbitration program was developed to provide an informal and economic alternative to litigation for clients and lawyers who are unable to agree upon a fee charged for legal services.

The Wisconsin Lawyers' Fund for Client Protection, created by the Wisconsin Supreme Court in 1981, is designed to provide reimbursement to clients who have incurred financial losses due to the dishonest conduct of their attorneys under Supreme Court Rule 12.04-12.12.

I Want to File a Complaint Against a Wisconsin Licensed Attorney

The Office of Lawyer Regulation (OLR) is the agency of the Wisconsin Supreme Court that receives grievances relating to lawyer misconduct, conducts investigationss, and prosecutes violations of lawyer ethics rules.  The OLR only handles grievances against attorneys who are licensed to practice law in the state of Wisconsin. To find out more about the process for filing a complaint against a Wisconsin licensed attorney, visit the Wisconsin Supreme Court’s website.

I Want to File a Complaint Against an Attorney in Another State

Visit the American Bar Association's (ABA) Center for Professional Responsibility for contact information regarding lawyer disciplinary agencies in other states.