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A large part of the State Bar of Wisconsin’s mission is to improve the administration of justice and the delivery of legal services to the public.  

To fulfill this important mission and to strategize for the future, the State Bar researches critical issues affecting the community. The State Bar then prepares credible, evidence-based reports on how the public interacts with the legal system. 

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Annual Report to the Wisconsin Supreme Court​

The Annual Report to the Wisconsin Supreme Court details State Bar priorities, and how we serve the Court, the public, and our members.​

Bridging the Justice Gap

A 2007 study, Bridging the Gap: Wisconsin's Unmet Legal Needs, commissioned by the State Bar of Wisconsin showed that more than 500,000 of our state's residents face serious civil legal problems without any assistance. This report and its recommendations were adopted by the State Bar Board of Governors on May 8, 2007.

Public Understanding of the Legal System

A key strategic goal (responsibility) of the State Bar of Wisconsin is to ensure Wisconsin's residents understand the importance, value and relevancy of the law and the legal system to their daily lives. In order to guide priority setting, the Public Understanding of the Legal System Committee commissioned a study to determine baseline levels of understanding among those Wisconsinites surveyed.

Ethics 2000 Committee

The Wisconsin Supreme Court created the Ethics 2000 Committee to study the ABA's proposed changes to the model rules. The Ethics Committee's report and petition, which was filed on July 29, 2004, set forth its recommendations. This is the most comprehensive proposal for changes to SCR Chapter 20, Rules of Professional Conduct for Attorneys, since the mid-1980s.