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In its 2020-21 term, the Wisconsin Supreme Court's 31 civil law opinions touched on issues including voting, the 2020 elections, COVID-19 regulations, contracts, taxation, torts, eminent domain, and municipal law. The court's 21 criminal law opinions dealt with issues including the Second, Fourth, and Sixth Amendments, use of evidence at trial, guilty pleas, and chapter 980 commitments. Here is a summary of all supreme court decisions from last term.
By Lisa M. Lawless
This article reviews eight Wisconsin federal court decisions from 2021 interpreting Wisconsin law. The decisions touch on a variety of subjects, including tort law, advertising law, civil procedure, insurance law, contract law, corporate law, and intellectual property.
By Daniel J. Kennedy
The author reflects on lessons learned during an internship with the governor's legal counsel. People convicted of crimes are not lost causes, she learned, instead they can teach us all invaluable lessons.
By Felicia L. Owen

Opinions, Voices & Ideas

  • President's Message
  • Individual Generosity Leads to Collective Change
  • As we enter the gift-giving season, Cheryl Daniels asks you to consider making a gift to the Wisconsin Law Foundation to fund programs promoting greater understanding of the law and the administration of justice in Wisconsin.
  • Your State Bar
  • A Partnership in Service
  • As an entity created by the Wisconsin Supreme Court, Larry Martin explains, the State Bar exists to serve three important audiences: the public, the court, and you, our members.
  • Ethics
  • Avoid Making Negative Comments on Social Media
  • Personal attacks on social media might not subject the posting lawyer to professional discipline, but Dean Dietrich warns they can reflect poorly on the lawyer and on the legal community.
  • Solutions
  • Commercial Court: Expanded for Business
  • Judge Michael Aprahamian provides an update on the Commercial Docket Pilot Project since its inception in July 2017, including its expansion and current operations.
  • Technology
  • Holiday Shopping 2021: Top 21 Greatest Gifts
  • Christopher Shattuck has gift ideas to make life easier while working or relaxing, promote health and wellness, or just to smile about, all without breaking the bank.
  • On Balance
  • Naomi Osaka and the Power of No
  • Julie Bonasso reminds that there's nothing wrong, and a lot right, with saying no to other people and yes to our own health and well-being.

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