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A person is trafficked for labor when they are exploited for another’s financial gain through threat of force, fraud, or coercion. This article provides a current perspective on labor trafficking in Wisconsin, offering views from lawyers, survivor advocates, law enforcement, a survivor, and a policy expert.
By Rachel Monaco
An in-house counsel herself, the author lists 10 things she has observed women lawyers don't know or do as in-house counsel that their male counterparts seem to do quite well, which, she postulates, has resulted in a widening of the gap between men and women.
By Talia Gaster Jarvis
With appropriate guidelines and oversight, parent coordinators can help resolve disputes between parents after divorce, quickly and cost effectively.
By Christopher Sean Krimmer

Opinions, Voices & Ideas

  • President's Message
  • Optimism Bias: Harnessed, It Can Be a Good Thing
  • Believing we won't experience negative consequences because of our actions – optimism bias – can be a two-edged sword. Cheryl Daniels thinks harnessing it can help us keep moving forward in tricky times.
  • Your State Bar
  • Representing the Underserved
  • The Wisconsin Law Foundation annually grants the Belle Case La Follette Awards to three recent law school graduates who represent underserved populations. Larry Martin says your contributions to the Foundation help make the awards possible.
  • 101
  • Use Brain Science to Make Better Decisions
  • Studying how the human brain works has helped scientists learn more about decision-making. Ralph Weber presents some findings and related tips that are especially relevant for lawyers.
  • Ethics
  • Lawyers' Duty of Candor: Fundamental But Fuzzy
  • That lawyers have a duty of candor to tribunals is clear, but, Dean Dietrich says, the contours of the obligation are not, especially when duties to clients seem more important.
  • Technology
  • Pick Your Winner: 2022 Smartphone Lineup
  • In the market for a new smartphone? James Pearson provides a handy comparison chart of the latest available smartphones to help with your purchase decision.
  • Marketing
  • Listening to the Client
  • Client feedback mechanisms are a fast and effective way to boost firm revenue. Heather Gray-Grant explores why law firms are not using this business practice as a standard operating procedure.

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