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Many children are raised by someone other than a parent either temporarily or permanently. A new law clarifies and improves the minor-guardianship process.
By Beth Anne Lauck & Courtney L.A. Roelandts
Attorney fee requests might seem to rest solely on each case's facts, but some unsettled legal considerations remain. Learn both the basics and possibilities for creative arguments here.
By Christa D. Wittenberg & Dean P. Laing
One way for jurist to strike a chord with readers is to refer to resources that are familiar to the public, not only to legal professionals. Here are examples of citations to popular music in Wisconsin state and federal opinions.
By Chad Baruch & Hon. Mark Wayne Klingensmith

Opinions, Voices & Ideas

  • Your State Bar
  • Now the Real Work Begins
  • Now that you've voted, you can turn your attention elsewhere. Right? Larry Martin says, "Not so fast."
  • Ethics
  • Email: No Personal Attacks
  • Dean Dietrich cautions that using email to attack others reflects poorly on you and the legal profession.
  • Technology
  • Pick Your Winner: 2021 Smartphone Lineup
  • In the market for a new smartphone? James Pearson provides a handy comparison chart of the latest available smartphones to help with your purchase decision.
  • Solutions
  • COVID-19 and Employment-related Claims
  • A recent survey shows nearly one-third of employees would sue their employer if they contracted COVID-19 at work as a result of a coworker being sick. Erica Reib looks at COVID-related employment claims to date.
  • Final Thought
  • If You Are Unhappy …
  • A colleague cannot recall another time in recent history when so many negative forces were working against us. And yet, our friend has reasons to hope.

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