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Legal industry experts discuss national trends and COVID-19 impacts on law firm profitability, billing structures, remote work, recruiting and retaining legal talent, and more.
By Ed Finkel
Five Wisconsin lawyers representing different geographic areas offer a snapshot of what they are experiencing amid a pandemic and what they anticipate their business to look like in the next few years.
By Christopher Cody Shattuck
The authors discuss public health officials' authority regarding mass vaccination programs for COVID-19 and the circumstances under which individuals can object to vaccination requirements.
By Marguerite Z. Hammes & Grant C. Killoran
The addition to the U.S. Bankruptcy Code of new small business reorganization provisions presents opportunities for some businesses to get out from under debt more quickly and cost effectively.
By Paul G. Swanson & Peter T. Nowak

Opinions, Voices & Ideas

  • President's Message
  • Starting 2021 on Strong Ground
  • The State Bar continues to be a good steward of organizational resources, says Kathy Brost. She highlights what the State Bar is doing to help members and the public during the pandemic.
  • Your State Bar
  • Words Do Matter
  • Larry Martin cautions that the words and rhetoric people choose, particularly those in positions of authority, indeed do matter. To think otherwise is naive.
  • Managing Risk
  • 2020's Top 5 Risky Practice Areas
  • Tom Watson says the practice area of estate, probate, and trust law drew the most malpractice claims in 2020. Use these data to reduce your malpractice risk in this and other practice areas in 2021.

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