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State Senator Fred Risser retires next month after 64 years of legislative service, making him the longest serving state legislator in state and national history. Here are some highlights of his remarkable career.
By Joe Forward
In its 2019-20 term, the Wisconsin Supreme Court issued decisions in 25 civil cases and 20 criminal cases. Although all those decisions are important to Wisconsin law, here is a sampling of 10 notable decisions from last term, some of which were decided pre-COVID-19 and some during the pandemic.
By Lisa M. Lawless
The authors review eight Wisconsin federal court decisions from 2020 interpreting Wisconsin law. The decisions touch on a variety of subjects, including civil procedure, contract law, tort law, consumer law, and trade secrets law.
By Daniel J. Kennedy & Stephen T. Trigg
The amount of solar energy being constructed in Wisconsin is increasing, thanks primarily to two factors: the rapidly declining costs of manufacturing solar panels and the availability of federal tax incentives.
By Andrew C. Hanson, Mary N. Beall, Jonathan Jimenez & Jared E. Padway

Opinions, Voices & Ideas

  • President's Message
  • Rekindling Joy in a Dark Year
  • Kathy Brost says finding passion about work and other activities can help lawyers feel better overall, especially during the first winter holiday season of the pandemic.
  • Marketing
  • SEO 101: How to Drive Website Traffic
  • Christopher Shattuck and Spencer Smith provide tips for building and maintaining traffic to your firm's website, which is more important than ever during the pandemic.
  • Managing Risk
  • Dangers of Dabbling
  • Tom Watson warns that a large number of malpractice claims arise from lawyers taking on matters for which they lack experience or knowledge.
  • Solutions
  • Holiday 2020: 20 Gifts that Keep on Giving
  • During this pandemic, Christopher Shattuck hopes lawyers' gift-giving will support local businesses and nonprofits that are dealing with the financial effects of COVID-19.
  • Ethics
  • Law Firms: Who Can and Can't Be Owners?
  • Dean Dietrich says at least one state – but not Wisconsin – is considering proposals to allow for alternative structures for law firms, in part to increase access to justice.
  • Final Thought
  • In Search of Silver Linings
  • Mark Goldstein believes some COVID-19-era innovations and realizations will serve us for years to come. With them come some interesting new questions.

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