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Legal industry experts highlight national trends, including business development, meeting client needs, recruiting talent, and technology. Wisconsin lawyers can use this information to build momentum in 2020.
By Ed Finkel
Wisconsin lawyers talk about how the economy is affecting their practices and how they're meeting those challenges, whether by taking on new roles or practice areas, streamlining practice management procedures, or better communicating their value to clients.
By Christopher Cody Shattuck
In legal technology, it was a decade of tumult and upheaval, bringing changes that will forever transform the practice of law. Here are the most significant developments.
By Robert J. Ambrogi
Health-care and financial powers of attorney protect the people for whom they are created, not deprive them of autonomy and decision-making authority. Learn how to help older clients by crafting and using POA documents appropriately. These articles on POAs continue the series on protecting older clients.
By Paige Patricia Juel & Desmonde X. Bennett
When considering the value of power of attorney documents as protections against elder abuse, it is important to keep in mind that for both health-care and financial POAs, the principal typically retains considerable autonomy.
By Mark Todd Johnson

Opinions, Voices & Ideas

  • Your State Bar
  • Democracy is Not a Spectator Sport
  • Larry Martin says lawyers have a unique perspective on the effect potential legislation can have in shaping and influencing society.
  • Solutions
  • Using Data to Drive Business Decisions
  • Lori Kannenberg Dorn provides tips for using statistics, such as case filing and resolution data, to make decisions about law firm business development.
  • Final Thought
  • We All Need Somebody to Lean On
  • Bryant Park explains the impact mentors had on him as a law student and as a lawyer new to practice and law firm culture.

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