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This overview kicks off a series of articles that focus on how lawyers can help older clients avoid or end elder abuse. Learn how to recognize potential abuse and develop a holistic understanding of the legal needs and perspective of older clients.
By Ann E. Laatsch & Juanita Davis
A lawyer's powers of observation and note-taking, record-keeping, and organizational skills can go far to identify and help older clients who are vulnerable to abuse. Learn appropriate techniques to screen older clients for fraud and abuse.
By Jessica Ann Liebau
The electronic device used to access social media might not physically resemble a city park or an auditorium, but if you're a government official, your social media site may be a public forum. Learn the First Amendment implications of social media use.
By Christa Westerberg & Aaron Dumas
Two U.S. Circuit Courts of Appeal recently upheld a literal interpretation of the federal removal statute, allowing home-state defendants to remove cases from state to federal court because they did so before they were served.
By Allison W. Reimann

Opinions, Voices & Ideas

  • President's Message
  • Be Well in the New Year
  • This New Year, Jill Kastner suggests making a resolution that will help your personal well-being so that you will be healthier and happier.
  • Your State Bar
  • Being Good Stewards
  • Larry Martin says the State Bar has managed to the bottom line in each of the last two budgets without making draconian mid-year cuts to services and has added modest amounts to reserves.
  • Ethics
  • Duties When Law Partner Might Have Dementia
  • Dean Dietrich says if you are aware of a colleague's possible impairment that interferes with that lawyer's ability to work and serve clients, you have resulting ethical duties.

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