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    • An Overview: Older Clients & Elder Abuse
    • This overview kicks off a series of articles that focus on how lawyers can help older clients avoid or end elder abuse. Learn how to recognize potential abuse and develop a holistic understanding of the legal needs and perspective of older clients.
    • Screening for Elder Fraud and Abuse
    • A lawyer's powers of observation and note-taking, record-keeping, and organizational skills can go far to identify and help older clients who are vulnerable to abuse. Learn appropriate techniques to screen older clients for fraud and abuse.
    • Social Media, the First Amendment, and Government Actors
    • The electronic device used to access social media might not physically resemble a city park or an auditorium, but if you're a government official, your social media site may be a public forum. Learn the First Amendment implications of social media use.
    • Removal to Federal Court by Home-State Defendants
    • Two U.S. Circuit Courts of Appeal recently upheld a literal interpretation of the federal removal statute, allowing home-state defendants to remove cases from state to federal court because they did so before they were served.

Opinions, Voices & Ideas

  • President's Message
  • Be Well in the New Year
  • This New Year, Jill Kastner suggests making a resolution that will help your personal well-being so that you will be healthier and happier.
  • Your State Bar
  • Being Good Stewards
  • Larry Martin says the State Bar has managed to the bottom line in each of the last two budgets without making draconian mid-year cuts to services and has added modest amounts to reserves.
  • Ethics
  • Duties When Law Partner Might Have Dementia
  • Dean Dietrich says if you are aware of a colleague's possible impairment that interferes with that lawyer's ability to work and serve clients, you have resulting ethical duties.
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