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Social media has had profound effects on journalism. To prevent and control potential damage to a client, monitoring social media for reputational threats is vital. Here is a page from the author's "damage control playbook" and its five simple rules.
By Thom Fladung
In Wisconsin, financial exploitation is the largest category of elder abuse after self-neglect. This article looks at certain vulnerabilities among older clients, along with options and resources to address them, especially through drafting and statutory provisions for financial powers of attorney.
By Mark Todd Johnson, Michael A. Fioretti & Amanda Trecartin
Representing older clients in financial abuse cases requires the readiness to act quickly but also the recognition that traditional law enforcement and judicial system responses might not be appropriate. Here are considerations and steps to take when investigating and remedying financial abuse of an elder.
By Carol J. Wessels
In Wisconsin, two sets of courts potentially have jurisdiction over children and families. In cases involving child abuse allegations against a parent, consider the advantages and disadvantages to filing for a child abuse injunction first versus raising the allegations as part of an active family law matter. The authors discuss jurisdictional differences and areas of authority.
By Lori S. Kornblum & Prof. Daniel Pollack

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  • Larry Martin invites you to attend a celebration honoring the civic leadership of Justice Jon Wilcox and Justice Louis Butler in supporting the Wisconsin Law Foundation.
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  • Tim Pierce, Keith Sellen, and Christopher Shattuck introduce a new, free, self-assessment tool that gives Wisconsin lawyers, especially those in smaller firms, a new way to measure and improve their operations, manage risk, and increase client satisfaction.
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  • Only 49 percent of law firms say their business development is successful. Larry Bodine identifies the problem and offers eight proven strategies and tactics that work.

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