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Advances in neuroscientific research have improved understanding of how humans communicate, including within the framework of the law. Here’s how to improve interactions with clients and reduce the risk of miscommunication and misunderstanding that might lead to poor legal outcomes.
By Dr. Joseph Alan Wszalek
For many years, Wisconsin's pleading standard for litigation appeared to differ from the federal-court standard, but in 2019 the Wisconsin Supreme Court announced the standards are essentially the same. In Cattau, the court clarified this decades-long misunderstanding.
By Kathy L. Nusslock
Cases involving domestic violence, custody, or child abuse may force couples to run around a maze to locate legal counsel in a place where family law attorneys are scarce. The first one to find the attorney wins. Like a game of musical chairs, the second one to the chair is out of luck.
By Lori S. Kornblum & Prof. Daniel Pollack

Opinions, Voices & Ideas

  • Your State Bar
  • When a House Becomes a Home
  • On the 20th anniversary of the "new" State Bar Center, Larry Martin says it's not the building we celebrate, but the experiences that our members and staff have shared.
  • Solutions
  • Difficult Clients: When to Draw the Line
  • Derek Hawkins believes thinking "the client is always right" is one of the most dangerous philosophies a lawyer can adopt. Identifying problem clients early can help maintain profitability and satisfaction in the practice of law.
  • Final Thought
  • Self-discovery: What Do Others See In You?
  • Through leadership training, Cynthia Herber learned how she sees herself is very different from the way others perceive her. That might be true for you, too.

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