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In the 21st century, figuring out "who done it" often necessitates determining the identity of the person who most often used a particular electronic device. Learn the basics here.
By Timothy M. O'Shea
In 2018 the Legislative Council established a study committee to address potential changes to child support and the notion of presumed equal placement. Twelve measures are moving forward. Here is a summary of each measure, and the case for or against the action.
By Mark R. Fremgen & Tiffany L. Highstrom
Access to justice, leadership development, and inclusion in all forms are top priorities of the State Bar of Wisconsin and new President Jill Kastner. None of these themes will surprise those who know her – they've been touchstones throughout her career as a public-interest attorney.
By Ed Finkel

Opinions, Voices & Ideas

  • As I See It
  • A Profession on Edge
  • Wood Foster discusses rapid changes in the legal profession that are affecting every practicing (and would-be) lawyer in the United States, and what legal professionals collectively might think about as they move into the future.
  • Ethics
  • Hazards of Social Media Activity
  • Dean Dietrich advises lawyers, clients, and judges to take care in how they engage on social media platforms given the narrow lines between acceptable and unacceptable use.
  • Reflections
  • Don't Forget About Women Lawyers of Color
  • When probing the legal profession's diversity and inclusion crisis, race and gender are almost always discussed as if they are mutually exclusive. Kristen Hardy says this is a mistake. Women lawyers of color experience bias on two fronts – gender and race.
  • Final Thought
  • Who Cares What I Wear to Court?
  • Deanne Koll insists it's up to the individual to decide how to deal with "dress codes" and appearance expectations.

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