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    • Dissecting the New Family Relocation Statute
    • Divorced parents sometimes desire to move with their children to locations farther from the home of the former spouse. Learn which proposed relocations are subject to a recently revised Wisconsin statute and how to comply with the law's procedural provisions.
    • Regulating the Limits of Speech
    • Signs, social media, elections, and wedding cakes: all can convey facts or opinions and all have played a role in seminal U.S. Supreme Court First Amendment pronouncements in the 21st century.
    • New European Privacy Law: Its Effect on Wisconsin Lawyers
    • One of Wisconsin's biggest trading partners is the European Union. Make sure your clients are complying with the General Data Protection Regulation, which will affect businesses and their customers far beyond Europe's shores.

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  • Your State Bar
  • Top 10 Things I've Learned
  • Larry Martin has had a busy first year as State Bar executive director. Here are some lessons learned.
  • 101
  • Court Official eSignature Format Changes on Sept. 1
  • Marcia Vandercook and Jean Bousquet say the new format for orders and other documents filed with the circuit court that require a judge's or other court official's signature lessens confusion for filers and introduces uniformity for courts.
  • Reflections
  • Molly's Story: How Does It End?
  • Rebecca Rapp does pro bono work for people like Molly who can't afford legal help, because she cares about what might happen if they don't get that help.
  • Final Thought
  • Email Decorum: No Excuses
  • Kristen Hardy says there are only a handful of acceptable excuses for failing to respond, in some way, to an email or text message.
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