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    • Sweeping Changes to Rules of Civil Procedure
    • The Wisconsin Legislature recently enacted 2017 Wis. Act 235. The act, prepared without the input usually provided by the Wisconsin Supreme Court and Judicial Council for laws affecting civil pro-cedure, makes substantial changes about which all civil litigators must be aware. The authors expect litigants and courts will face uncertainties and chal-lenges as they litigate under the new rules.
    • Mass Incarceration: The Fiscal & Social Costs
    • In Part 2 of the "Owning the Problem" series, the author summarizes the financial costs of mass incarceration and compares Wisconsin's prison costs and incarceration rates to those of nearby states. He then explains the social costs: to the imprisoned individuals, to their families, and to their communities.
    • Frozen In Time:
      Criminal Justice System & Public Defender Pay
    • Compensation for private-bar lawyers appointed to represent indigent criminal defendants is woefully inadequate – whether appointed by the SPD's Office or by the circuit courts. The author analyzes the problems with the publicly appointed attorney system and offers possible solutions.

Opinions, Voices & Ideas

  • President's Message
  • Maintaining the Rule of Law
  • The difference between a civilized society and chaos is a good legal system, says President Paul Swanson, and lawyers play a crucial role.
  • Your State Bar
  • A House Divided
  • Executive Director Larry Martin says while many things divide Americans, there is much to celebrate in the United States.
  • Technology
  • Managing Your Digital Files
  • In addition to preserving physical messages and notes, Christopher Shattuck says lawyers should consider storing the metadata contained in electronic documents.
  • On Balance
  • 4 Ways to Conquer Self-doubt
  • Paula Davis-Laack provides tips to help develop self-efficacy – the type of confidence that helps you achieve.
  • Final Thought
  • Now Imagine …
  • Cynthia Herber believes one of the best ways to be a better lawyer is to step into your clients' shoes and view the world through their eyes.
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