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2017 Wis. Act 317 is the latest in a series of legislation to substantially modify landlord-tenant laws. The act's most significant changes include clarifying laws regarding assistance animals in rental housing, responsibility for repair costs, rent abatement, limits on removal of CCAP information, credit and background checks, and contested evictions.
By Tristan R. Pettit & Jennifer M. Hayden
Just as a not-guilty verdict does not necessarily indicate a defendant did nothing wrong, a finding of unsubstantiated child abuse might not mean the child suffered no harm. To competently assist children and their families when abuse is alleged to have occurred, lawyers must understand the terms "substantiated" and "unsubstantiated," including the differences between them and the statute defining "child abuse."
By Lori S. Kornblum & Prof. Daniel Pollack
When Wisconsin fought over the Fugitive Slave Act, its early U.S. Attorney put himself firmly on the side of slave owners. That type of stance changed with the creation of the U.S. Department of Justice, which, under the direction of President Ulysses Grant and U.S. Attorney General Amos. T. Ackerman, engaged in a battle to take down the Ku Klux Klan.
By Steven M. Biskupic

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  • Executive Director Larry Martin invites you to provide support to first responders by volunteering for the Wills for Heroes program.
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  • Chris Shattuck says law practices in rural communities are shaped to serve the needs of the smaller community. Lawyers in Monroe and Park Falls share their challenges and successes.
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  • Harassment and discrimination occur in all types of workplaces. Julia Arnold gives tips lawyers should share with their employer-clients and consider when assessing their own legal environments.
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  • Thriving Amid Constant Change
  • Tom Watson says opportunities abound for lawyers who invest in technology and adjust to consumers' expectations of when, where, and how they receive legal advice.
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  • Qualified interpreters are vital for clients who need help understanding and communicating in English. Cynthia Herber provides tips for working with clients with limited English proficiency.
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  • Students, by their questions and perspectives, have as much to teach as do instructors. Kene Okocha offers a case in point.

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