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  • 'Good Time': Earning Early Release from Prison
  • Reinstituting programs that allow prison inmates to be released early for good behavior is a cost-effective and safe way to reduce prison populations and decrease the likelihood that former inmates will commit more crimes once released, says Marquette University Law Professor Michael O'Hear.

Opinions, Voices & Ideas

  • President's Message
  • Two (or More) for the Price of One
  • Bob Gagan says member involvement in the State Bar has many rewards, not only for the profession and the public but also for the member.
  • Your State Bar
  • More than Scotch and Cigars
  • If you haven’t attended a State Bar Annual Meeting and Conference because you think it’s just for a bunch of old guys, George Brown says you are in for a surprise.
  • On Balance
  • Rethinking Lawyer Motivation and Well-being
  • Research points to very specific ways that lawyers and law students can build their well-being and stay motivated to practice at high levels. Paula Davis-Laack provides some strategies for doing just that.
  • Ethics
  • Rude Behavior at Depositions
  • The fact that certain actions do not violate the Rules of Professional Conduct does not make that behavior appropriate in professional situations, says Dean Dietrich.
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