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This annual report looks at what’s going on in the legal profession in the United States and in other parts of the world. The author believes law firms that acknowledge change and address it, will survive stronger and more profitable than ever.
By Bob Denney
Borrowing a page from Robert Denney’s global look at trends in the legal profession, Wisconsin and regional attorneys and practice management experts weigh in on practice and marketing trends in the Dairy State.
By Dianne Molvig
Changes in technology and business models have caused increased competition for lawyers, from both other attorneys and nonlawyer legal services providers. Lawyers who evolve and adapt to the new paradigms are creating success and profits; those who don’t may be squandering opportunities.
By Michael Moore

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  • Your State Bar
  • Wisconsin Courts Still Underfunded
  • As the Wisconsin Legislature’s new session begins, George Brown says the State Bar will try to forestall budgetary cuts to the courts.

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