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Several women lawyers discuss some of the things that make it possible for them to succeed as professionals and as parents: governmental and workplace family-leave policies, supportive spouses, parents, and colleagues, technology, and the willingness to set priorities at those inevitable times when they can’t have and do it all.
By Kara Higdon Getter
No matter your practice area or the number of attorneys in your organization, the 10 legal technology innovations outlined here affect you. No matter the size of your bank account, you can’t afford to ignore them.
By Robert J. Ambrogi
Lawyers representing any of the parties in worker’s compensation, insurance, or personal injury matters must ensure that the recovery rights, if any, of Medicare Advantage Plans are identified and protected during claim processing or litigation.
By Aaron Frederickson

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  • George Brown says lawyers who do not confront change and evolve may, in fact, be their own worst enemies.

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