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    • Pick Your Winner: 2015 Smartphone Lineup
    • The field of smartphones is so full of thoroughbreds and budget-friendly dark horses alike, it’s hard to know where to put your money. The author describes several safe bets and offers a side-by-side comparison of features that you’ll want track-side when making your next purchase.
    • Using Preliminary Breath Test Results in Trials? Don’t Hold Your Breath
    • Even with the improvement of breath-test technology, concerns remain about the reliability of preliminary breath test (PBT) results. Thus, the Wisconsin Legislature and Supreme Court have erected barriers to using the results at trial as evidence of defendants’ intoxication. Recent court decisions provide guidance when litigating these matters.
    • Federal Rules of Civil Procedure: Changes May Affect Wisconsin Practice
    • Proposed amendments to the Federal Rules of Civil Procedure, if approved by the U.S. Supreme Court, will take effect in December 2015. The Wisconsin and federal rules are different, but a trend to conform Wisconsin procedural rules to their federal counterparts may herald significant change in how state judges and lawyers proceed in civil matters.

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  • Law Practice Decathlons
  • George Brown invites you to a series of short, monthly programs on practice management topics, all presented by the best in the (law) business.
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  • Five Steps to Get the Fee You Deserve
  • Don’t get defensive when a prospective client challenges your fee quote, says Bob Denney. Instead, learn how to negotiate this business in the first place.
  • Solutions
  • Orwell’s Six Cures to Bad Writing
  • Douglas Abrams says George Orwell’s cures for the many bad habits replete in written English, which he diagnosed in a 1946 essay, still reverberate among legal professionals.
  • Final Thought
  • Losing My Balance
  • Steven Haught has a whole new view of “work/life balance.” After reading this column, you might, too.
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