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At this time of year, many lawyers think about buying gifts for others … and themselves. Tech gadgets make great gifts, and those listed in this guide are some of the very best available this holiday season that you need – or some that you just really, really want.
By Tison H. Rhine
The article highlights nine significant Wisconsin Supreme Court decisions from the 2014-2015 term, during which the court issued 53 decisions covering a wide range of subjects.
By Lisa M. Lawless
The article looks at eight significant Wisconsin federal court decisions interpreting Wisconsin law in 2014-2015, encompassing common-law claims and statutory interpretations.
By Michael B. Brennan
The ease and efficiency of social media communications make them good business tools but also potential hazards when used inappropriately by employees and employers. To help employers reduce risks associated with social media use, the author provides a sample bring-your-own-device policy.
By Timothy D. Edwards

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  • George Brown urges lawyers to use the challenges and changes they face to improve their practices and help clients.
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  • Brandon Evans says the willingness to question authorities makes lawyers a dynamic and powerful profession and force.

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