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Who are Wisconsin’s innovators? Meet these movers and shakers – and learn what drove them to put new ideas to work to solve problems and improve the delivery of legal services to their clients and communities.
By Dianne Molvig
Wisconsin’s bioscience industry is booming, creating opportunity, not just for the scientists that conduct bench research, but for lawyers, too. Read how lawyers serving the biotech arena are making an impact, what they’re doing, and how they got to where they are. There are many entry points to the field, and you don’t have to be a scientist to participate.
By Halina Zakowicz
The problem of shaky or flawed forensic science evidence is about much more than wrongful conviction of the innocent. It also means that the system fails to identify the truly guilty. Criminal cases are increasingly science-dependent, and the traditional forensic sciences have played a critical role in the way we dispense justice. To make forensic science evidence more reliable, a wide range of reforms must take place.
By Keith A. Findley

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"Understanding Police Use of Deadly Force," by U.W. Law School's Black Law Students Association and Latino Law Students Association, produced by WHA Public Television, winner of a State Bar of Wisconsin 2015 Legal Innovator Award.

Opinions, Voices & Ideas

  • President's Message
  • The Many Things Lawyers Can Do
  • Ralph Cagle says a legal education can pave the way for a variety of careers that benefit from lawyers’ knowledge, talent, and commitment to service.
  • Your State Bar
  • Wisconsin, Beer, and Biotechnology
  • George Brown says the Biotech and the Law Global Conference and Expo will bring three key communities together – science, business, law – to understand their connections, learn their challenges and opportunities, and build relationships.
  • Managing Risk
  • Patching Holes: Cyber Security – Is Your Law Firm at Risk?
  • A 2015 ABA survey revealed only 11 percent of responding lawyers said their firms had cyber liability insurance, Tom Watson reports, though significant numbers said their firms had fallen victim to computer viruses or hacking.
  • Final Thought
  • Do Things You Hate
  • If you only spend time on the things you do well, you can’t get any better. Deanne Koll says doing the things you dislike doing will eventually make you a better lawyer and your firm more functional.

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