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Angry litigants are not a new phenomenon in the legal system. But decreasing court funding – and the increasing incidents of violence erupting across the country – pose serious challenges to the system’s ability to keep safe those who work in and use courthouses.
Complex jurisdictional issues arise when a tribal and local government exercise various levels of regulatory jurisdiction within an Indian reservation. Because this area of law is unsettled, it can be difficult for governments to agree on their respective jurisdictional limitations.
Wisconsin’s treatment courts struggle with a new epidemic, the explosive growth in the number of heroin addicts and overdoses. Despite the challenges, treatment courts are better equipped to assist heroin-addict offenders than are standard criminal courts.

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  • George Brown asks lawyers to discuss with colleagues and elected representatives the results of a recent study on the effects of court underfunding.
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  • Dean Dietrich says lawyers who advertise must provide an address for their law practice, but the office need not be at a commercial site.
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  • Taking a civil dispute to trial rarely happens anymore. William T. Curran asks how today’s lawyers, some of whom will be judges in the future, will gain courtroom experience.

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