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    • Court Funding: Security at Risk
    • Angry litigants are not a new phenomenon in the legal system. But decreasing court funding – and the increasing incidents of violence erupting across the country – pose serious challenges to the system’s ability to keep safe those who work in and use courthouses.

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  • Your State Bar
  • Of Old Adages and Pennies
  • George Brown asks lawyers to discuss with colleagues and elected representatives the results of a recent study on the effects of court underfunding.
  • Ethics
  • Dedicated Office Space Not Required
  • Dean Dietrich says lawyers who advertise must provide an address for their law practice, but the office need not be at a commercial site.
  • Final Thought
  • Choosing Judges with Courtroom Experience
  • Taking a civil dispute to trial rarely happens anymore. William T. Curran asks how today’s lawyers, some of whom will be judges in the future, will gain courtroom experience.
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