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This annual report looks at what’s going on in the legal profession in the United States and in other parts of the world. The author believes the outlook for the legal profession is much better than pessimistic pundits predict. Read why.
Borrowing a page from Robert Denney’s global look at trends in the legal profession, Wisconsin and regional attorneys and practice management experts weigh in on practice and marketing trends in the Dairy State.
By 2020, half of the workforce will near retirement age. What does this mean to you? If you want your firm to continue and prosper after you, your partners, or key staff members retire, you must act now. At a minimum, you must identify the lawyers and clients who bring the most value to the firm and adopt ways to pass on lawyers’ knowledge and client relationships.

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Michael Moore explains why handling a death or disability in a firm ad hoc does a grave disservice to clients and the firm. Succession planning is critical to the firm’s future viability and helps protect client interests.

Opinions, Voices & Ideas

  • President's Message
  • Mentoring
  • Speaking from experience, Patrick Fiedler says mentoring a less-experienced lawyer benefits both attorneys in the relationship.
  • Your State Bar
  • It’s a Start
  • George Brown says a new committee will begin the process of providing concrete assistance to new lawyers, based on the Challenges Facing New Lawyers Task Force report and recommendations.
  • 101
  • How to Speed the Appeals Process
  • Kimberly Alderman and Chelsey Dahm explain how you can shave time off the appeals process for qualified cases using Wis. Stat. section 809.17.
  • Managing Risk
  • Avoid Frequent Malpractice Risks in 2014
  • Three common issues can trip up a well-meaning lawyer and cause either a malpractice claim or an OLR grievance. Tom Watson explains what they are and how you can avoid them.
  • Final Thought
  • The Power of the Word
  • Micabil Diaz-Martinez says language has many variations and meanings to people who on the surface appear to speak the same language.

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