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Valuing a marital estate and determining property division and spousal support in a divorce requires extra care when one of the spouses owns a business. Extra care is needed to protect the livelihood of the business owner and to ensure the non-business-owning spouse receives a fair share.
Substantive consolidation is an equitable doctrine that allows a bankruptcy court to join entities that are members of the same group but are legally separate. This process typically has the effect of adding more assets to the pot for paying off creditors but also puts at a disadvantage creditors of the entities with higher asset-to-debt ratios.
The Wisconsin Rules of Evidence remain the guideposts for admitting electronically stored information at summary judgment and trial. This article addresses threshold questions of relevance, authenticity, and the application of the hearsay doctrine tocomputer systems.

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State Bar Practice Management Advisor Nerino Petro discusses differences between Apple and Android smart phones and suggests what users should look for when buying a phone.

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