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    • A Conversation on Supreme Court Term Limits
    • Judicial Election Steering Committee members discuss a Judicial Task Force proposal to amend the Wisconsin Constitution to change the term of office for Wisconsin Supreme Court justices to a single elected 16-year term. Read how the task force arrived at its recommendation and how the steering committee is encouraging its acceptance.
    • Surrogacy Law Still Uncertain
    • The clearest conclusion to be drawn from the Wisconsin Supreme Court's decision in Rosecky v. Schissel, a surrogacy-agreement case, is that Wisconsin law concerning such agreements is still far from well-defined.
    • Public Trust and Agency Discretion Principles Intact
    • Following Rock-Koshkonong Lake District v. Wisconsin DNR, the bedrock principles of the public trust doctrine in Wisconsin – the civil right of the public to use and enjoy navigable waters, and the broad rule of standing to protect that right – remain firmly intact.

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  • President's Message
  • The YLD – Look to the Future
  • Patrick Fiedler says the YLD makes every eligible lawyer feel welcome and offers many ways to get involved.
  • Your State Bar
  • A Penny for Justice
  • George Brown says the inadequate 0.85 cents of every state tax dollar that funds the court system should be increased to a full penny.
  • 101
  • Going Paperless
  • Reducing your firm’s paper storage requires initial investments of money and effort. But, Nerino Petro says, you’ll realize the benefits in terms of dollars and time saved and available for billable client work.
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