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Given the volume of electronic data that is used as evidence in civil and criminal proceedings, it is only a matter of time before a Wisconsin court confronts the spoliation of electronically stored information. As Wisconsin prepares to implement its new e-discovery rules, it is important that attorneys and courts have a standard to follow in cases involving spoliation of e-evidence.
In 2006, the Wisconsin Legislature made significant changes in Wisconsin law to address abuse against elderly people and younger vulnerable adults.The authors analyze the effectiveness of the new individual-at-risk restraining order, based on the results of a study looking at the first 30 months of the order’s availability.
It is no secret that as the balance of power in state government changes, laws and the public policies they represent change, too, sometimes dramatically. As an example, the author compares the laws affecting Wisconsin automobile insurance law – especially the significant changes in coverage under uninsured and underinsured motorist policies – in 1995 and in 2009.

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