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The author highlights 13 significant decisions issued by the Wisconsin Supreme Court during its 2009-10 term. Several of the decisions hinged on perceptions of whether certain evidence is in the record, and several cases involved legislative attempts to respond to the state’s fiscal crisis by moving or reducing statutory compensation funds.
Federal court interpretations of Wisconsin law are of persuasive value to, but not binding on, Wisconsin courts. Yet, they affect how Wisconsin law develops and is argued. Here is a look at seven significant Wisconsin federal court decisions interpreting Wisconsin law in 2009 and 2010, encompassing common law claims and statutory interpretations.
Under Wisconsin law, many contracts and statutes give parties an opportunity to cure mistakes before the other party can exercise some remedial action. The language of the governing contract or statute may define the extent of a cure and the actions that must be taken to effect it. Here the authors survey various contractual and statutory cure rights available in Wisconsin.

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