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Attorneys must be as cautious as any other businesspeople when discussing competitively sensitive information. Generally, avoid discussing other lawyers' fees for legal services. The risks of running afoul of federal and state antitrust laws are high.
After your death, will your family know how and where to access sentimental family heirlooms such as the generations of family photos you digitally scanned from well-thumbed originals? What about your online bank, credit card, investment and social media accounts?
Lawyers who have stumbled due to addictions or mental illness but eventually landed on their feet know the struggle to stay standing never ends. Three lawyers tell how alcohol and drug addiction and depression tripped up their legal careers.

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  • Inside the Bar
  • Our Purpose
  • The State Bar exists to serve you, our members, in your practices. To learn some of the ways we're doing that, take a look at the accomplishments highlighted in the State Bar's Fiscal Year 2010 Annual Report.
  • President's Message
  • No Negative Campaigns Here
  • Do not allow the negative tone of some local, state, and federal campaigns to discourage you from offering to serve our organization and profession. I can tell you from experience that seeking a State Bar office or Board of Governors seat is about serving our colleagues and advancing new ideas, not opposing particular candidates.
  • Profile
  • A Helping Hand
  • When someone you admire for their tenacity and spirit takes yet another hit, and still gets up, you can't help but want to make their life a little easier. A new fund called Helping Hands exists to improve the quality of life for individuals facing significant challenges - one person at a time.
  • Ethics Opinion
  • EF-10-02 Lawyers’ Responsibility Regarding Referral Fees
  • The State Bar Professional Ethics Committee issued Formal Opinion EF-10-02, discussing the role of the Rules of Professional Conduct for Attorneys in situations when a lawyer refers a matter to another lawyer in return for a referral fee.
  • Ethics
  • Exceptions to the Client Confidentiality Rule
  • Keeping client information confidential is the cornerstone of the attorney-client relationship, but there are a few very limited circumstances in which a lawyer may disclose such information, even without the client's permission. This article looks at those very limited exceptions.
  • Managing Risk
  • Refer with Caution
  • Referring cases can be lucrative, and getting referrals can help your business as well, but be cautious when seeking a referral fee. By accepting a fee for the referral, you have accepted joint responsibility for the outcome of the case. Don't assume it's in good hands.

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