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The State Bar Elder Law Section's more than 10 year Guardianship Reform Project has become law along with major reforms in reporting and responding to abuse and neglect of adults at risk and adult placement services and placement. If you represent clients who are elderly or have disabilities, or the agencies and facilities that serve them, have elderly parents or loved ones with disabilities, or if you plan to age yourself - read this article to learn about critical changes in the law.
"Green building" - the incorporation of construction practices and standards that maximize human health and economic return and minimize negative environmental consequences - will have wide-ranging impacts on many clients.

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  • Inside the Bar
  • Long-time Member Relations and Public Services Director Betty Braden will retire in August. We'll miss our friend and colleague, and we'll honor her legacy by continuing to provide exceptional service to members.
  • Ethics
  • Screen Transferring Lawyers for Conflicts
  • A new proposed Rule of Professional Conduct for Attorneys may help to avoid conflicts of interest when lawyers transfer between law firms. The rule permits a new firm to "screen" a lawyer transferring from another firm from any contact with members of the new firm who are involved with litigation pending between the two firms.
  • Ethics seminars
  • State Bar CLE Seminars meets your need for informed ethics guidance by offering these cost-effective live, video replay, and telephone seminars. Plan now to attend.
  • Technology
  • RSS - Making the Internet Subscribeable
  • Now there is a tool - RSS - that automatically delivers updates of valuable Web content directly to your computer. Read how RSS can save you time and money.
  • Career
  • How to Lose a Client in 10 Days
  • If you've decided you're not cut out to be a rainmaker, if you're not interested in confronting self-limiting beliefs or in challenging yourself to take positive action to develop business relationships, then be sure to follow these 10 tips to preserve your status quo.

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