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Lawyers will need to help their business clients understand what obligations employers have under both Wisconsin and federal law to reemploy those employees who are returning from military service.
Two State Bar studies gather data to answer crucial questions: What are lawyers already contributing to pro bono services? What are the legal needs of Wisconsin's low-income residents, and how can society best meet their needs?
Missteps that can occur throughout the life of a lawsuit may serve to waive an issue and thus doom an appeal. Here's an overview of - the top 10 waiver missteps.

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  • Ethics
  • Court's Proposed Changes to Attorney Conduct Rules
  • This summary highlights the major changes included in the Wisconsin Supreme Court's first draft of proposed modifications to the Rules of Professional Conduct for Attorneys. Written feedback that you submit by July 19 will help the State Bar make recommendations to the court in advance of the court's final order of Rule changes, expected in September.

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