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Mark Hertzberg, a veteran award-winning photojournalist, worked on the national and state levels to open courtrooms to cameras. For nearly 30 years, Hertzberg's lens has been capturing the realities of the courtroom.
New Wisconsin residential construction laws require consumers to afford contractors a right to cure construction defects before filing suit; fine-tune existing construction lien laws; and mandate licensing and continuing education requirements for residential contractors.
The author discusses two Wisconsin Court of Appeals decisions that provide guidance on how to handle disclosure issues involving surveillance videotapes during discovery and at trial, and when the issues are likely to arise.

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  • Inside the Bar
  • J.A.I.L. for Judges: South Dakota voters in November will decide a constitutional referendum question adopting the Judicial Accountability Initiative Law to punish judges for making "incorrect" decisions.
  • President's Message
  • Changing the Bar: A roadmap to changing the bar, the courts, and the justice system over the next decade consists of three parts - internal participation, external pressure, and the political system.
  • Ethics
  • Maintaining Electronic Client Files
  • Lawyers should take precautions to maintain client confidentiality and file accessibility when storing client files in electronic format.
  • Legal News and Trends
  • Proposed rules to suspend law license for tax delinquency; Judge Burnner earns national Rehnquist Award
  • Managing Risk
  • Maintain Your Practice Finances
  • Actively managing your finances strengthens your practice and helps to make you a better lawyer.Well-managed practices experience fewer malpractice and ethics-related claims, and a well-run practice improves client satisfaction.

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