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    Wisconsin Lawyer
    May 08, 2024

    President's Message
    Moving the Profession Forward – Embrace Artificial Intelligence

    While artificial intelligence continues to evolve, it's time for lawyers to recognize that AI is here to stay and to use AI to enhance their law practices.

    Dean R. Dietrich

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    Recently, a higher level of artificial intelligence (AI) has been created and thrust upon us. It is time for lawyers to embrace this new technology and assimilate it into our profession. While there are many “kinks” that need to be worked out, AI will become a part of the business of providing legal services and will change legal research and legal writing.

    ChatGPT, perhaps the most well-known form of generative AI, is not law-practice focused, but many legal research and law practice platforms are developing their own AI services that will provide a more secure and more law-related focus for this new technology. Lawyers should be careful not to use law-related AI to replace their own competent and diligent representation, but at the same time lawyers must embrace this new technology to provide efficient and cost-effective legal services to clients. Legal consumers might turn to the more common AI platforms and avoid the use of legal professionals, especially if lawyers don’t incorporate this technology into their practices and ensure its accuracy and efficiency.

    Dean R. DietrichDean R. Dietrich, Marquette 1977, is president of the State Bar of Wisconsin. He is with the law firm of Weld Riley S.C., Wausau, and is past chair of the State Bar Professional Ethics Committee.

    The medical profession has struggled for years with patients using internet sources to diagnose their conditions instead of relying on the knowledge and training of a professional. The legal profession must try to head off this trend by embracing the use of AI in the right manner to ensure that diligence and competence are at the forefront of legal representation.

    The State Bar of Wisconsin is working on different programs and presentations to help lawyers understand AI technology and how to apply it as part of their legal representation. Pay attention to this and expand your efficiency and competency in representing your clients.

    Remember: Lawyer wellness is important!

    Join Us! AMC Speakers to Discuss Increasing Role of AI in Legal Industry

    Louisiana Appeals Court Judge Scott Schlegel and Rutgers Law Professor David Kemp are using artificial intelligence (AI) to blaze new trails in the legal industry. These pioneers in the use of AI in the law are giving the opening plenary at the 2024 State Bar of Wisconsin’s Annual Meeting & Conference, June 19-21, in Green Bay.

    To learn more and to register, visit

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