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I experienced an acute depressive episode, triggered by extreme anxiety and stress. Like many lawyers, I had a lot of both. This is what happened and how a new approach to work helped me to not just recover but thrive. I share this with the hope that other lawyers will not make the same mistakes I did – pushing off the need to address their mental-health struggles. This is my story.
By Joseph A. Bugni
On March 23, 2024, legislation amending the Wisconsin Trust Code took effect. The Trailer Bill provides numerous enhancements to the depth and efficacy of Wisconsin's trust law. Among the topics covered are classes of beneficiaries, representation of beneficiaries interests, nonjudicial settlement agreements, and the treatment of digital property owned by married persons.
By Mark A. Shiller
Emergency rules necessitated by the COVID-19 pandemic have now been made permanent. 2023 Wisconsin Act 130 was signed into law on March 21, 2024, and took effect on March 23, 2024. Act 130 provides guidance on how and when lawyers, principal signers, notaries, and witnesses may use remote witnessing and notarization procedures for estate planning documents.
By Catherine M. Priebe & Philip J. Miller

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  • Your State Bar
  • Staying True and On Course
  • The Diversity Clerkship Program's continued operation is a victory for Wisconsin's law students and future lawyers, employers who participate in the program, and consumers of legal services in Wisconsin.
  • Learning to Learn
  • Treat Learning as an Asset
  • Theresa Elliott says continuous learning enables lawyers to provide innovative solutions and deliver superior outcomes to clients.
  • Women History Makers
  • Judge Ramona Gonzalez: Tending to Democracy
  • Shannon Green profiles Judge Ramona Gonzalez of the La Crosse County Circuit Court. This year, Wisconsin Lawyer is profiling women lawyers who continue to make history in the tradition of Lavinia Goodell.
  • On Balance
  • When Lawyers Need Help, Where Do They Go?
  • People often put off seeking help for mental health concerns until long after they first realize they need help. Amber Ault says the Wisconsin Lawyers Assistance Program is available and can respond with help, often within 24 hours.
  • Final Thought
  • Technological Changes Over 50 Years in Practice
  • Gard Strother recounts some of the technology changes he's experienced that have allowed courts and lawyers to make the judicial system operate more efficiently and conveniently.

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