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    Wisconsin Lawyer
    February 09, 2022

    Meet Our Contributors

    Are you working on an interesting case? Have a practice tip to share? There are several ways to contribute to Wisconsin Lawyer.

    You’re an investor and you produce financial education materials for young people. Tell us about that.

    TR EdwardsI truly believe that financial freedom is a goal that is attainable for all of us and that it is integral if we are going to make our society safer and healthier. I invest and teach because I want to demystify personal finance and show that anyone, even working-class kids from Milwaukee’s north side, can improve their station. In the past, I worked on projects to teach basic principles of finance: planning, budgeting, and investing. In the future, I hope to create spaces within the community to have conversations about the psychology of money and how we can break the cycles of the past.

    I believe that to improve our society, we must become more stable and literate financially. I have seen how financial woes and worries can rip a family and a community apart. A community’s financial duress often correlates to higher crime rates, higher divorce rates, educational disparities, health disparities, and a lack of political power.

    In the end, I hope that part of my legacy will be that I led my family, and hopefully many others, out of the cycles of poverty that have trapped us. To do this we will have to build our knowledge base and normalize conversations around money. I believe we can come together to leverage our current resources for future success.

    TR Edwards, Milwaukee.

    What is the best advice you have for newer lawyers?

    Christopher C. ShattuckThis may be a self-serving answer, but I think newer attorneys should reach out to Practice411™ for a confidential consultation. Practice411 provides advice on a wide range of matters affecting new lawyers, such as starting a law firm, navigating the culture of an existing firm, excelling in your work as a new lawyer, networking, marketing, and technology, to name a few. Moreover, I know what it is like to be a new lawyer and I can help solve challenges that I have faced or provide experience from my education and prior experience being a manager in a law firm.

    Contact the State Bar of Wisconsin’s Practice411™ at (800) 957-4670 or

    Christopher C. Shattuck, law practice assistance manager, State Bar of Wisconsin, Madison.

    Become a Contributor!

    Are you working on an interesting case? Have a practice tip to share? There are several ways to contribute to Wisconsin Lawyer. To discuss a topic idea, contact Managing Editor Karlé Lester at (800) 444-9404, ext. 6127, or email Check out our writing and submission guidelines.

    If you could get free tickets to any event, what would it be?

    Jeffrey M. GlazerI’d like free tickets to the first Moon Base versus Earth interspace soccer tournament brought to you by SpaceX. If the free event tickets include transportation, I’d love to see this as an “away” game. I’m a huge soccer nerd, and ticket prices are likely to be astronomical.

    Jeffrey M. Glazer, U.W. Law & Entrepreneurship Clinic, Madison.

    What is the most memorable trip you ever took?

    Kelly J. NoyesI have been lucky to travel a lot in my life, but some of my most memorable vacations happened last fall, when my kids and I visited Grand Teton, Yellowstone, and Rocky Mountain National Parks. We had been cooped up for so long with the pandemic, we were thrilled to get out and explore. In Grand Teton and Yellowstone, we saw moose, bear, buffalo, pronghorn, and elk. We also timed our Colorado trip just right to get peak colors in Rocky Mountain National Park and before it was too cold or snowy to enjoy being outside. My kids are also old enough now that I was able to drag them on some long hikes – six miles at high altitudes with over 1,000 feet of elevation change is no joke! We are now busy planning our next national parks adventure, this time to Yosemite, Sequoia, and Kings Canyon in California.

    Kelly J. Noyes, von Briesen & Roper s.c., Milwaukee.

    What is your most memorable trip?

    Shannon GreenIn late October and early November 2016, my husband and I visited Iceland, as photographers and to enjoy its natural beauty. We drove our rental SUV all over southern and western Iceland, from Snæfellsjökull National Park in the west to Jökulsárlón in the east, stopping at every waterfall we could find. The weather was cold, rainy, and very, very windy. We ended up needing all the layers of clothing – including waterproof pants bought at the last minute – that we brought with us, and I grew to love heated steering wheels. At one point, we could barely open the vehicle’s door due to the force of the wind and sleet!

    On our 10-day trip, we got to see the northern lights just once (on an extremely cold night). We are pictured here at the famous Jökulsárlón, a large glacial lake in southern Iceland at the base of the Breiðamerkurjökull glacier, part of the Vatnajökull National Park. It is here that icebergs are born and find their way out of the lake and into the sea. These, along with its black-sand beach, make the area a (very, very cold) photographer’s wonderland. (Photo taken Nov. 1, 2016, with an iPhone 6.)

    Shannon Green, Communications writer, State Bar of Wisconsin, Madison.

    If you had a superpower, what would it be?

    Will HornsbyI took a few years off between college and law school and was almost 30 when I was admitted to practice. With a “now or never” attitude, I somewhat foolishly opened my solo practice on the day I was admitted. The realm of practice management was just beginning and there were few resources to guide my path. Predictably, after eight years of struggling to build a practice, I decided to go in a different direction and became a staff counsel at the American Bar Association.

    Instead of trying to help people one at a time, I realized I could advance access to legal services on a broad scale through policy changes. I worked with teams of lawyers to advance the use of technology, enable unbundled legal services, and stimulate the growth of legal incubators across the country, among other initiatives. None of these changes has proven to be the silver bullet to bring access to all those in need of legal services, but each of them has and is inching toward justice for all.

    Indeed my superpower was centered on creating policies that enable change for the better. Ironically, 30 years later I returned to solo practice, but this time using my ABA-developed skill set – my superpower – to support innovators who are dedicated to better ways of delivering legal services.

    Will Hornsby,

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