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Individuals who thus far had refused to be vaccinated, citing medical, religious, or philosophical objections, challenged some vaccination mandates in courts. These lawsuits have had varying outcomes. The authors summarize the most significant recent decisions.
By Joseph E. Gumina, Grant C. Killoran & Erica N. Reib
State and federal statutory and case law govern how public libraries provide space, information, and resources to their communities. The author discusses the underlying Wisconsin and federal statutes and a few of the cases that have defined important legal concepts, such as intellectual freedom, public forums, privacy, and copyright law.
By Kristopher Turner
How has technology such as the algorithm affected human choice, especially in areas such as economics, politics, and social policy? The concept of human choice is baked into the social contracts of democracies and more specifically into the U.S. Constitution. The author argues that algorithms should augment human intelligence, not replace it.
By James J. Casey

Opinions, Voices & Ideas

  • President's Message
  • Personal Well-being Promotes Well-being for Everyone
  • Cheryl Daniels urges you to read the soon-to-be-released report on lawyer well-being in Wisconsin and then apply its lessons when working with clients, colleagues, and the profession as a whole.
  • Your State Bar
  • Reader Input Improves State Bar Output
  • We strive to better understand your reading preferences, the information you are interested in, and how we can best deliver it. Larry Martin asks you to respond to the upcoming reader survey to help guide State Bar publications.
  • Reflections
  • Why Do Women Leave Law Firms?
  • Stop thinking that the reason women leave private practice is a lack of grit or of the growth mindset. Instead, Deanne Koll suggests focusing on making law firms into places where all lawyers can thrive.
  • Managing Risk
  • Reducing Your Malpractice Risk In 2022
  • The practice area of estate, probate, and trust law produced the most malpractice claims reported to WILMIC in 2021. Tom Watson provides tips and data to reduce your malpractice risk in this and other practice areas in 2022.
  • Ethics
  • Meetings with Dissatisfied Clients
  • Dean Dietrich says an attorney can meet with a former client who alleges the attorney engaged in malpractice but must proceed cautiously when doing so.
  • Final Thought
  • Justice Delayed Can Be Justice Denied
  • Among the COVID-19 pandemic's lingering effects are delays in criminal-case processing in Wisconsin courts. State Public Defender Kelli Thompson says stakeholders working together can help clear the backlogs and revive faith and trust in the legal system.

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