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Wisconsin Legal News

    • InsideTrack
    • May 17, 2024 – Service to the State Bar of Wisconsin helped Jim Johnson build a successful litigation practice in northern Wisconsin. State Bar legal writer Jeff Brown profiles this 50-year member.
    • Wisconsin Lawyer
    • May 16, 2024 – 2023 Wisconsin Act 130 took effect on March 23, 2024. It provides guidance on how and when lawyers, signers (testators, settlors, and principals), notaries, and witnesses may use remote witnessing and notarization procedures for estate planning documents. Here's a guide to what the Act requires.
    • InsideTrack
    • May 15, 2024 – Wis. Stat. section 102.35(3) provides a penalty of up to one year’s wages for employers who fail to rehire injured workers where suitable work is available within their restrictions. Naomi Swain discusses the elements necessary for such a claim and important practice points for counsel.


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