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    Investigators and Research Services

    Legal Research and Brief Writing

    • Trial and appellate courts
    • Project-by-project basis
    • 20+ years’ experience

    Contact Attorney Kara M. Burgos
    (608) 784-8310 or com kburgos msm-law msm-law kburgos com
    Litigation Support/Experts

    Allen J. Becker, Certified Consulting Meteorologist/Expert Witness

    • Analysis, reconstruction, and reporting of weather/climate conditions for past events (accidents, injuries, severe weather)
    • Courtroom experience (trials, depositions)
    • M.S. Meteorology
    • University meteorology instructor

    For more information, visit Allen Becker's website.​​​​​

    com allen allenbecker allenbecker allen com
    (414) 807-0269

    Carl T. Chenoweth P.E., Civil Engineering Consultant

    Forensic Engineering/Litigation Support/Expert Testimony

    • Building Site Construction & Maintenance Defects
    • Asphalt/Concrete Pavement Structural Failures
    • Stormwater Drainage & Erosion Damages

    For more information, visit​​​​​​
    (800) 644-1549
    com ctchenoweth siteworkdefects siteworkdefects ctchenoweth com

    Coin, Gold, Silver and Jewelry Appraisals

    Coin, gold, silver, and jewelry appraised and purchased by full-time professional dealer. Prompt, statewide service. Paragon Numismatics.

    For more information, visit Paragon Numismatics' website.​​​

    (262) 240-9975

    Jane A. Lewis, M.F.S., Forensic Document Examiner (FDE)

    • Master of Forensic Science from George Washington University
    • Only Wisconsin FDE certified by the American Board of Forensic Document Examiners
    • American Academy of Forensic Sciences Fellow
    • American Society of Questioned Document Examiners Member
    • Former document analyst, FBI, Secret Service and Wisconsin State Crime Laboratory
    • Author: "Forensic Document Examination Fundamentals and Current Trends"
    • 32 years’ experience

    For more information, visit Jane A. Lewis' website.​​​

    (414) 224-5429
    com janealewis74 gmail gmail janealewis74 com

    Real Estate Expert Witness – Residential/Commercial/Statewide

    John V. Wantz, CMI, CFI, FHA, CLRA, CAII

    All investigations include cost estimates, damage estimates, reconstruction estimates, photos, detailed reporting.

    $350 retainer, $150/hour

    For attorney referrals visit​​​​​

    (262) 424-8814
    Practice Support/Law Office Management

    Contract Legal Projects

    Contract Legal Projects: Experienced lawyer available for legal research, brief writing, appeals, document drafting and summaries, trial preparation, and more on a project-by-project basis.​​​​​

    Jennifer Carlson
    (414) 899-4108
    com slatercarlson gmail gmail slatercarlson com
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