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    Alternative Dispute Resolution

    Cole Alternative Dispute Resolution

    For more information, visit Cole Dispute Resolution's website.​

    (608) 283-2403
    com jim coleadr coleadr jim com

    James C. Herrick, Herrick Law Office, S.C.

    • Available to conduct mediations of personal injury claims as well as general litigation matters
    • 40 years’ experience representing accident victims as well as insurance companies in personal injury cases


    (920) 923-6522
    net herricklaw sbcglobal sbcglobal herricklaw net

    John C. Albert Mediation/Arbitration

    • Retired circuit judge with 25 years’ private practice prior to judgeship
    • Will settle all cases except child custody
    • Madison or Minocqua area
    com j.albert els-law els-law j.albert com
    (608) 255-8000
    Financial Services

    ABA Retirement Funds Program

    For more information, visit ABA Retirement Funds Program's website.​

    (866) 812-1510
    com joinus abaretirement abaretirement joinus com

    Daniels Capital Corporation

    For more information, visit Daniels Capital Corporation website.​

    (888) 872-7884


    For more information, visit Daniels Capital Corporation website.​

    (866) 376-0950


    Insurance Coverage Disputes

    For more information, visit Doucette & Associates' website.​

    (262) 953-4640
    com dan doucetteassociates doucetteassociates dan com

    Johnson Insurance – Property & Casualty Insurance for Firms

    Johnson Insurance is offering a comprehensive insurance program as part of the Member Benefit Program of the State Bar of Wisconsin. As a State Bar member your law firm has access to property and casualty insurance, as well as auto and worker’s compensation programs tailored to meet your firm’s needs.

    For more information, visit Johnson Insurance's website.​

    (608) 203-3932
    com hpink-budworth johnsonins johnsonins hpink-budworth com

    West Bend Mutual Insurance Company

    For more information, visit West Bend Mutual Insurance Company's website.​


    Wisconsin Lawyers Mutual Insurance Company (WILMIC)

    For more information, visit Wisconsin Lawyers Mutual Insurance Company website.​

    (800) 373-3839
    Investigators and Research Services

    Government Liaison Services

    For more information, visit Government Liaison Services' website.​

    (800) 642-6564

    Sequence Inc. Forensic Accounting

    Tracy L. Coenen, CPA, CFF
    Sequence Inc. combines forensic accounting expertise and proven investigative techniques to quantify losses. Fraud examinations, financial investigations, damage calculations, and expert witness testimony provided by an experienced and qualified expert.

    For more information, visit Sequence Inc.'s website.​

    310 East Buffalo St.
    Milwaukee, WI 53202
    (414) 727-2361
    (312) 498-3661
    com tracy sequenceinc sequenceinc tracy com

    Swamped with research and writing projects?

    Former litigator with 25-plus years’ experience writing successful motions, objections, and briefs in federal and state courts nationwide available to assist you.

    Flat fee billing. Writing samples upon request.

    David J. Berg
    (414) 595-8139
    net dave berglegal berglegal dave net
    Litigation Support/Experts

    Allen J. Becker, Certified Consulting Meteorologist/Expert Witness

    • Analysis, reconstruction, and reporting of weather/climate conditions for past events (accidents, injuries, severe weather)
    • Courtroom experience (trials, depositions)
    • M.S. Meteorology
    • University meteorology instructor

    For more information, visit Allen Becker's website.​

    com allen allenbecker allenbecker allen com
    (414) 807-0269

    Carl T. Chenoweth P.E., Civil Engineering Consultant

    • Analysis, reconstruction, and reporting of weather/climate conditions for past events (accidents, injuries, severe weather)
    • Courtroom experience (trials, depositions)
    • M.S. Meteorology
    • University meteorology instructor

    For more information, visit Allen Becker's website.​

    (608) 873-4483
    com ctchenoweth siteworkdefects siteworkdefects ctchenoweth com

    Coin, Gold, Silver and Jewelry Appraisals

    Coin, gold, silver, and jewelry appraised and purchased by full-time professional dealer. Prompt, statewide service. Paragon Numismatics.

    For more information, visit Paragon Numismatics' website.​

    (262) 240-9975

    Consulting Physical Therapist/Expert

    Experienced orthopedic physical therapist in private practice available for expert witness consultation and records review.

    David Nissenbaum MPT, MA, LAT, OCS, PES

    (608) 658-6890
    com dave proptgroup proptgroup dave com

    Jane A. Lewis, M.F.S., Forensic Document Examiner (FDE)

    • Master of Forensic Science from George Washington University
    • Only Wisconsin FDE certified by the American Board of Forensic Document Examiners
    • American Academy of Forensic Sciences Fellow
    • American Society of Questioned Document Examiners Member
    • Former document analyst, FBI, Secret Service and Wisconsin State Crime Laboratory
    • Author: "Forensic Document Examination Fundamentals and Current Trends"
    • 32 years’ experience

    For more information, visit Jane A. Lewis' website.​

    (414) 224-5429
    com janealewis74 gmail gmail janealewis74 com
    Medical Consultants

    Certified Legal Nurse Consultant/Wound Care Expertise

    • Screen cases for merit
    • Develop chronological reports
    • Locate other experts if needed
    Fran Ward
    com CLNC gmail gmail CLNC com
    (262) 224-1752

    Gary S. Cohen, PhD, CCC-SLP – Doctor of Speech/Language Pathology

    • 40 years’ experience
    • Expert witness testimony
    • Specialty training in organically based communication disorders
    • Comprehensive | Experienced | Decisive

    For more information, visit Dr. Gary Cohen's website.​

    (262) 241-7500
    Practice Support/Law Office Management

    Contract Legal Projects

    Contract Legal Projects: Experienced lawyer available for legal research, brief writing, appeals, document drafting and summaries, trial preparation, and more on a project-by-project basis.​​

    Jennifer Carlson
    (414) 899-4108
    com slatercarlson gmail gmail slatercarlson com

    University of Wisconsin Foundation

    For more information, visit the UW Foundation's website.​

    (608) 263-4545
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