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Practice 411

What's Keeping You Up at Night?

Help is as close as your phone or computer, thanks to Practice411 - the State Bar of Wisconsin's Law Office Management Assistance Program. Available to assist all State Bar of Wisconsin members, Practice411 focuses on solo and small-firm practitioners who may not have the time or resources to acquire practice management information or best practices.

While law school may have taught you about the practice of law, it did not prepare you for the business side of operating a law practice. Whether you are new to practice or have been practicing for a decade, Practice411 will help you improve your efficiency and effectiveness in delivering legal services and implementing systems and controls to reduce risk and improve client relations. Practice411 offers resources to help ​you manage the business aspects of your practice.

From integrating your technology to as​sisting with trust accounting, and from getting and keeping clients to operations management, Practice411 can help improve your office's effectiveness ... and your quality of life.

How can Practice411 help you?

  • Trust accounts: learn to establish and maintain them properly
  • Computer hardware and office equipment: get reviews and advice on purchases
  • Emerging software: sort through billing, accounting, and practice management software
  • Personnel matters: gain insights on hiring and training staff
  • Marketing: increase your client base with cost effective services

Find the resources you need in Practice411 or contact Christopher Shattuck, the State Bar’s Practice Management Advisor, for personalized assistance!


Call:            (800) 444-9404, ext. 6012