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Now that you're in practice, you may have found out the hard way that law school did not prepare you for the business side of running a law practice or managing a law office.

They omitted some of the more challenging issues you’re now facing, such as...

  • The accounting problems
  • The cost of technology
  • Drafting representation and fee agreements that comply with the Rules of Professional Conduct
  • The headache of hiring and keeping good employees
  • Getting and keeping good clients

Because of these and other issues related to managing your practice you've watched your free time, social life, and restful sleep all turn into fond memories.

​Whether you became a practicing lawyer last week, last year, or last decade, the problems don’t change – only their size, and their impact on you and those around you.

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Lawyer Resources in a Changing Economy

Practicing law is never easy, but managing a career, building a practice, and having a balanced life get even tougher in a down economy. In response, we’ve put together a collection of resources to help you during this trying time.​

Law Practice Management Web Resources List

Here you find links to resources housed on or on other sites.​