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    • January
      Dispute Resolution Section Blog

      When Two Heads Are Better than One: A Case for Co-Mediation

      Certain legal disputes may be better handled by two neutral parties working together to help the case reach a resolution via co-mediation. Roy Wagner discusses when two heads are better than one.

    • February
      Dispute Resolution Section Blog

      Pro Se Mediation is Hard Work

      Former Sheboygan County Circuit Court Judge James Bolgert was attracted to a mediation practice because he believes in using mediation to resolve family disputes. "And mediation with attorneys works well with a schedule in which some days are reserved for higher things (grandparent work)," he writes. "Pro se mediation reminds me of practicing law: You get calls."

    • November
      Dispute Resolution Section Blog

      Seven Issues to Address in Your Personal Injury Mediation Statement

      From liability considerations to subrogation, there is a lot to consider before going to a personal injury mediation. Are you prepared? Timothy Hawley helps you to prepare with a list of seven issues to address in your mediation statement.

    • October
      Dispute Resolution Section Blog

      7 Tips to Reclaim Civility in Conflict

      In these tumultuous times, the American Bar Association's annual Mediation Week is an opportunity to reflect on and consider the value of mediation for addressing conflict in our lives. Lisa Derr and Amy Koltz offer seven tips for learning, engaging in, and sharing about mediation.

    • August
      Dispute Resolution Section Blog

      Twice is Nice: Why You Shouldn't Fear Mediation

      During mediation, if you suddenly learn new information about your case that makes you rethink its settlement value – that is a good thing, not something to be afraid of. Mediation, says Michael Pollack, is the better time than during trial to find out what’s harmful in your case.

    • December
      Dispute Resolution Section Blog

      Converting Calls to Mediation Clients

      You spend money advertising to make the phone ring – but what do you do when the phone actually rings? Lisa Derr discusses the key components to successfully converting that caller into a paying client.

    • August
      Dispute Resolution Section Blog

      Achieving Success with Interest-based Home Buying

      What happens when you apply interest-based bargaining techniques to the typically distributive process of buying a home? Michael Rust shares his experience.

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