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G. Lane Ware Leadership Academy

Turning Lawyers into Leaders

Leadership Academy

Leadership  development is an investment in a lawyer’s future and pays back the initial training cost many times over in improved performance and increased job satisfaction. In addition, leadership skills courses benefit individuals by:

  • Clarifying values and promoting a clearly defined career path
  • Strengthening critical thinking and communication skills
  • Creating well-rounded employees and enhancing team dynamics
  • Demonstrating that people from all walks of life can be great leaders
  • Surrounding them with successful people who want to effect change
  • Increasing confidence

The 2020-21 Leadership Academy is on hold.
Please check back later for program updates.

Mission of the G. Lane Leadership Academy:

To provide a diverse and inclusive group of lawyers essential leadership skills, strategies, and resources necessary to empower them to become effective leaders in their careers; their local and state bar associations; their local communities and organizations; and the legal profession.

The G. Lane Ware Leadership Academy

The Leadership Academy is a comprehensive leadership development-training program created by the State Bar’s Leadership Development Committee. It’s specifically designed to empower participants with the skills, strategies, and resources to become effective leaders in their careers, communities, local and state bar associations, and the profession itself. The presenters are highly regarded national and regional speakers in their respective fields.

“Wisconsin lawyers have a strong history of leadership of our profession, our communities, and our public life. This is a bold step to assure that we will identify, train, and embed a new generation of lawyer-leaders.”

Ralph Cagle,
State Bar President 2015-16

“Looking back, I wish I had gotten started in leadership much earlier in my career. My advice is don’t wait. The G. Lane Ware Leadership Academy is a tremendous opportunity to learn valuable communication and organizational skills for leadership positions of all kinds – in State Bar and legal associations, in the community, and even in your own workplace.”

Fran Deisinger,
State Bar President 2016-17

“The Academy will equip our lawyers with essential skills, tools, and resources to effectively lead and inspire others. This program creates a unique opportunity for lawyers to develop diverse, professional networks and personal relationships with their colleagues and to improve their professional confidence and career satisfaction.”

Renee Nawrocki
Former Leadership Development Committee Chair

Discover what past participants have to say about the program.  

The course teachs participants how to:

Leadership Academy photo
  • Develop your time management skills to enhance productivity and efficiency
  • Polish your public speaking to build your reputation and win over your audience
  • Deal effectively with conflicts and turn disputes into opportunities for growth and teamwork
  • Build active listening skills that promote straightforward, competent dialogue
  • Use effective written and oral communication to connect with others and build trust and respect within your organization

“Participating in the State Bar's G. Lane Ware Leadership Academy helped me realize that what I see as weaknesses in myself, people around me see as strengths and leadership qualities.”

Cynthia Herber, 2018-19 G. Lane Ware Leadership Academy

  Leadership Academy 2019-20 participants

           The 2019-20 Leadership Academy Class

Schedule, Presenters and Deadlines

  • lThe 2020-21 Leadership Academy is on hold. Pease check back for program updates.

The cost to attend the Leadership Academy is $325. Breakfast and lunch is included. Participants will be responsible for travel and accommodation expenses. A limited number of scholarships are available and CLE credit will be applied for.

Apply today!

Enhance your leadership skills, build your professional networks, inspire your leadership involvement, and foster your professional development by applying to the G. Lane Ware Leadership Academy.​​​​​​​​

The 2020-21 program is currently on hold. Please check back for program information being developed. Contact Annette Ashley if you have questions.

Here's the 2021-22 Leadership Academy Dates:

  • Session 1: November 5 & 6, 2021
  • Session 2: January 21 & 22, 2022
  • Session 3: April 8 & 9, 2022








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