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For Law Students

Lawyer Skills class participants

UW Law School students pose for a photo in April 2022 during a visit to the State Bar Center.

Become a State Bar of Wisconsin Law Student Associate today and take steps now to boost your future legal career. The State Bar of Wisconsin offers a variety of resources to help you connect with the legal profession while you’re a student. You can network with your future colleagues at events, stay up-to-date on what’s happening in the law, be added to the monthly Law Student Associate Newsletter, and access research and career resources.

Join today for free and start making connections! If you have questions, please contact staff liaison Jacque Evans, ​, (608) 250-6083​.​​​​​

Scholarship Opportunity: The Construction and Public Contract Section is offering a scholarship to one Marquette University Law School student and ​one University of Wisconsin Law School student. Please click this link for more information!

Law Student Associate News​

Supreme Court Rule Ch. 50: Practical Training of Law Students

For more information regarding Practical Training of Law Students, please visit the following resources:

Clerk's Office: Clerk of Supreme Court

University of Wisconsin Law School: UW Law

Marquette University Law School: MU Law


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